More on Organized-Crime Money Laundered into Obama Campaign
October 23, 2012 • 9:32AM

The exposé of Obama 2012 online foreign fundraising has not died and shows signs of gaining strength. Monday it was reported that the Government Accountability Institute intends to issue a follow-up report based on FEC documented contributions containing false, incomplete or nonexistent ZIP codes (U.S. postal codes).

The background to this is that, the day after the GAI report, "America the Vulnerable" was released, Democratic Obamabots screamed that the report did not actually prove fraud, containing only one actual instance of a foreign contribution, which they blamed on a mis-translation (of a Norwegian blogger). In response, on Oct. 10, author Peter Schweizer released the September FEC filings, documenting the extent of the problem: in those 30 days, Obama 2012 "raised" an astounding $2 million with false, incomplete or non-existent zip codes. In addition to noting that the shrill Democratic cries of foul had not addressed the central point of the report— that the most advanced campaign web-team in the country failed to maintain even the minimal security standards on their contributions page, and that the website was owned by expatriate Robert Roche, now living in Shanghai— the reply included a list of contributions, documenting specific amounts along with the precise false zip codes given. The reply also noted that "the real amount of donations accepted with inaccurate zip codes in undoubtedly much higher, given that FEC reports only include those donations given by donors who've donated more than $200 this election cycle."

Yesterday it was reported that GAI intends to issue another report which "shows that President Barack Obama's re-election campaign has increasingly collected more electronic donations from non-existent ZIP codes throughout the 2012 campaign cycle," in the words of the Daily Caller. Katie Pavlich, on her blog [ obamas_bogus_zip_code_fundraising_problem], goes one step further, showing the extent of the problem using several powerful graphs. Including figures from 2008, Obama has raised five times the amount of John McCain, and now ten times as much as Romney, in contributions from false ZIP codes. In 2008, the Obama campaign got $2,778,808.97 in contributions with false zip codes, and so far in 2012 he has gotten $2,983,854.78. A separate chart shows that, in September, these contributions exploded from almost nothing to over $2 million that month.

In reality, the instances of incomplete zip codes are probably utterly dwarfed by the funding flow just below the $200 FEC reporting threshold. A report in the New York Post Monday indicates that the campaign is not only fully conscious of this, but that it is programmed into fundraising computers. The Post interviews one Chris Walker, who claims to have made two $5 contributions to from London in October. Not only did he have no trouble (entering a false zip code with no CVV credit card security code), but he soon began receiving "two to three e-mails a day" asking him specifically for $188 more in contributions. This would have brought his total to $198, just under the $200 recording threshold established by the FEC.

As noted by Lyndon LaRouche, in the Oct. 12 Friday Project webcast, "it's virtually impossible ... that that happened, except through drug and gambling operations, and mostly from overseas. And you look at the way these things are structured: Could they be caught this way? Could they be caught that way? Neither way! The way the thing is done, as long as they stick under that $200, that $190 ratio, they can do it all day long, and not have any legitimate contributors."