On Eve of U.S. Presidential Debate, Mexico's {El Sol} Covers LaRouche's Warning on Nuclear War Danger
October 24, 2012 • 9:47AM

The major Mexican national newspaper chain El Sol de Mexico published an article on Monday, Oct. 22 by prominent journalist and radio/TV host Federico LaMont, which reviewed Lyndon LaRouche's evaluation of the strategic situation, based on an interview with Mexican LaRouche representative Gerardo Castilleja.

Under the headline "Economy and Conflagration," LaMont wrote: "Expectations over Boca Raton: This Monday when the aspirants to the XLV residence in the Oval Office of the White House hold their third and final confrontation of ideas, something which they should not omit is that, in a global village immersed in the current financial dispute, the process will lead irreversibly to a confrontation among nuclear-armed powers."

LaMont began his article with the phrase (written in English), "Remember Roosevelt?" and went on to write that "For Lyndon LaRouche, the current international context is characterized by the disintegration of the financial and monetary system, as a result of monetarist policies applied over the last five decades, which translate into a progressive abandonment of productive activity and the adoption of practices of financial speculation. Why? Because a paradigm shift took hold, from a modern industrial society to the post-industrial one of today. During this period, national governments lifted regulations on banks, at the same time that they dismantled great development projects."

The article then reviews the Inter-Alpha Group, HSBC's involvement in the British Opium Wars, and quotes Castilleja saying that the EU's current policy is "The maintenance of financial speculation and the mentioned disappearance of the Nation-state, which if continued will lead to a drastic population reduction and the establishment of a medieval structure."