'They Put Nov. 6 Ahead of Our National Security'
October 24, 2012 • 9:51AM

House Intelligence Committee head Rep. Mike Rogers revealed in an interview Tuesday that the Obama White House coordinated a "document dump" just four hours before the final Presidential debate on Oct. 22, finally responding to his Committee's requests made four weeks ago. "It certainly looks as though they wanted to make sure the debate on foreign policy had come and gone" before anyone read the documents, Rogers said.

As to the content of the White House and State Department files, Rogers said that a very preliminary review "showed inconsistencies in the Administration's account, particularly in the timeline, which sometimes contraverts what they're saying." He said that while the intelligence community's evaluations had variations from day to day, "there is the clear thought, all through the process, that this was a terrorist attack on 9/11."

Rogers concluded, "It's not what intelligence was given them that was the problem, but what they did with it, and the decisions that they made after they got it. It certainly appears to me that there was a political interpretation, and that's always a dangerous thing.

"I think they put Nov. 6 ahead of our national security."