Eliminate the Party System: Oct. 26 Webcast Announcement
October 25, 2012 • 2:01PM

Eliminate The Party System



“The fight is not over yet, and the consequences of whatever the result is, are far from defined: Because we're at the point, we're living under the threat of a launching of thermonuclear war, and such a threat now, is greater than it has ever been, in my time, before -- nothing like it. And if Obama is actually elected, whether by fraud, or an actual vote, the result will be, probably thermonuclear war. And that's the great difficulty, and the great evil, which sits on the shoulders of the Democratic Party, and its leaders, especially, today. For, if the Democratic Party should choose Obama, expect a ride into Hell.

With these words, Lyndon LaRouche began remarks that he made on the LaRouchePAC website on Monday, October 22nd, merely hours before the third and final presidential debate. Mr. LaRouche has been consistently intervening into the final election process over the past several weeks with regular weekly live webcasts, the next of which will occur this coming Friday, October 26 at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT on www.LaRouchePAC.com.

In the year since the extrajudicial killing of a captive Muammar Gaddafi, at which point LaRouche warned that the world was poised at the brink of thermonuclear war, a steady drumbeat has continued in that direction. Most recently, a new theater has emerged in the Pacific, as a new Sino-Japanese war scenario has developed in which the United States under Obama has begun an encirclement operation against China. Territorial disputes over isolated islands in the South China Sea threaten to erupt into a full-scale regional war, a war which could escalate rapidly and consume much of the world. As the Economist threatened, “In that context, disputes about clumps of rock could become as significant as the assassination of an archduke” – a clear reference to the trigger which started the first World War.

Simultaneously, Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin has refused to surrender its defense of national sovereignty to the thermonuclear blackmail campaign being waged by London through its puppet Barack Obama. As the Russian leadership has consistently made clear, the advance placement NATO missile shields being moved into the region represent a clear and present threat to Russia's nuclear deterrent, dramatically shifting the strategic balance and severely reducing Russia's second strike retaliatory capability in the event of a thermonuclear war. Just last week, Putin himself oversaw the successful testing of Russia's next generation of their nuclear triad – land, sea, and air – which the Kremlin announced as “the first exercises of the strategic nuclear forces on such a scale in the latest period of Russian history,” that is, since the break-up of the Soviet Union.

And, just to make it perfectly clear that the threat of thermonuclear war which Russia sees is no phantom, a leading member of the United Russia party and chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Yevgeni Fyodorov, was quoted last week saying, “Currently, the world is beginning to slide into a complete destabilization that will inevitably end in a World War... The next act in the script is launching a global fire, unleashing a world war, in a sense combining all the local conflicts into a single system of instability. For this purpose, there is a dramatic increase in funding for terrorism. Currently the U.S.A. has dramatically increased funding for terrorism worldwide. The Americans will now act indiscriminately, that is, without consideration of whether they are giving to allies or not allies, friends or not friends... The growth and rise of extremism is part of the course towards World War III that the Americans are after.”

LaRouche identified precisely this scenario of spreading localized conflicts erupting into a global conflagration as far back at 1999, when he first released his in-depth video report “Storm Over Asia”. It was at this time that Tony Blair first enunciated his imperial doctrine of the end of the Westphalian system of sovereign nation-states, the very doctrine of regime change we now see playing out in country after country, from Iraq to Libya to Syria and Iran, plunging the world in the direction of WWIII.

LaRouche continued his remarks on Monday:

“The 'Storm over Asia' report was actually the first indication I gave, publicly, of what this threat was. Now, Obama is not his own person: The man is a dummy, in the sense that he has no real morality, no real personality as such. That's his characteristic. He's a hateful person, who hates everything, likes to kill -- there's no question about that, his pleasure is killing! He's killing people, he's violating the Constitution and every law in the world, by what he's doing. And people are putting up with it: They're fools! But he's not real: Actually, he's a puppet, a marionette. Guess for whom? Tony Blair! And it was Tony Blair who committed a fraud, involving the killing of people, in order to get his way into a second war in Iraq! There was no legitimate basis for launching that war, which went on for an extended period of time, under the British Monarchy, and spread throughout the world, especially Western Asia, and that's where we are. So anyone who votes for Obama is some kind of an idiot, is some kind of a fool, who doesn't care whether they live or not!”

LaRouche concluded his remarks on Monday, saying:

“We have to, in a sense, {eliminate the party system}, as a system controlling the selection of the Presidency; in other words, voting the "party line" for a Presidential election must be omitted, must be canceled! And we must do that now. As I said before, the designated Presidential candidate for the Republican Party is not himself inherently a problem. That we could live with; we could not live with Obama! Therefore, what's the solution? Let's cancel the idea of the authority of the party system. George Washington was of that opinion...”

“If we want to unite this nation, under the conditions of a terrible situation we have now, we're going to have to change things: We're going to have to get through Glass-Steagall, and that is an absolute! Without Glass-Steagall, this nation has not got a chance of surviving, or the people in it, in general, have no chance of surviving! If we use Glass-Steagall, that means most of the big money-boys, who are the speculators, the Wall Street speculators, will be wiped out, not because we wiped them out, but because they {deserved} to be wiped out! They're not worth anything! And that means that we have to actually create a system of credit, where we take the banks which are legitimate, and only banks that are Glass-Steagall qualified are legitimate banks. And we have to get those banks back into shape. They don't have enough money, because the money was all stolen, by the bailout system. Therefore, we're going to put the bailout system off the responsibility of the United States. And we're going to, instead, talk the Republican Party leadership, with the members of Congress from both parties, and talk them into, going to a credit system. That is, to use the resources of the United States government to create lending power, which will be given or donated as loans, to worthwhile physical-economic and related projects, and things which are necessary otherwise. Under those conditions, we can begin to survive.”

“Then, we have out there a project called NAWAPA, which was established about the time that Jack Kennedy was assassinated. That would be a full recovery of the United States, because it would give us 4-6 million jobs, for a beginning. And when you have 27 million people, who are totally hopeless, already, in terms of their job opportunities, and with the conditions of life, of health care and so forth, we have to think, not of "party," we have to think of our nation and our people! We don't give a damn for the parties! If they're useful in the states, okay, they're useful. But they represent the states, not the nation! They represent the interests of sundry states, not the interests of our nation! And our national interest is to have an economic policy which makes us defensible and gives security to our people as a whole, our nation's people as a whole.”