Obama and Saudis Press Regime Change in Lebanon
October 27, 2012 • 2:09AM

According to Deputy National Security Advisor Dennis McDonough, the Obama Administration is working hand-in-glove with the Saudi controllers of the Wahhabi terrorists to bring about "regime change" in Lebanon. McDonough, working with Saudi intelligence head Prince Bandar himself, who earlier, as Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the United States, in 2001 personally financed, protected and provided logistics for pilots who then participated in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack which killed 3,000 Americans.

The drive for "regime change" took off following the assassination of Lebanon's Internal Security Forces intelligence chief Wissam al-Hassan. Saudi-controlled Saudi-Lebanese billionaire political figure Saad Hariri orchestrated an anti-Syria Wahhabi-initiated sectarian Sunni-Shi'a riot in Lebanon in response, destabilizing the government. Subsequently, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stated publicly that the United States would prefer a new government in Lebanon, free of the majority Lebanese political Shi'a party, Hezbollah.

Debka Net-Weekly pointed out in its Oct. 26 report that Obama's Deputy NSC Advisor McDonough was put to work. He called Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, asking him to use his pull with Saad Hariri to pull the protesters back from screaming for Prime Minister Miqati's ouster. Shortly after, Saudi Prince Bandar called back to assure the White House that efforts were under way to calm Lebanese fury and that Hariri was cooperating by holding his people in check.

Bandar bin-Sultan, who is Tony Blair's partner in crime, was made the Saudi intelligence chief on July 19 at the height of the Syrian crisis, not only to strengthen the arming of the terrorists against Syria's Bashar al-Assad regime, but also to bring to the fore an anti-Assad, Saudi-run administration in Lebanon, bordering Syria. The objective is to push more arms and terrorists inside Syria.