Speaker of the House Wants Answers from Obama
October 27, 2012 • 2:20AM

Rep. John Boehner released a letter addressed to President Obama Thursday afternoon "respectfully requesting" that he, "as our country's President and Commander-in-Chief, publicly address the following questions and concerns that are on the minds of many of our fellow Americans" about what happened in Benghazi, keeping the heat on President Obama personally for the lies, twisting of truth, failures to act in the Benghazi assault.

"Ambassador Stevens and our personnel on the ground in Libya had significant concerns about security in Benghazi and around the consulate." The Department of State is responding to questions regarding its decisions, but what about you and senior Administration officials. Weren't you personally briefed by Ambassador Stevens at some point? Were you "aware of the rising trend in militias and other security problems the country team was monitoring. When was the last time you were briefed by Amb. Stevens ...?"

"There are reports that military options and assets were offered to and considered by the White House during and in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack." What were those options, and why were assets "not allowed to be pre-positioned, let alone utilized?"

Boehner insists: The NSC staff receives "significant amounts of raw information and intelligence from throughout the government on a daily basis, and significant and urgent items are flagged for senior White House policymakers." So why did Administration officials give contradictory reportd on the nature of the attack? Can you explain how administration policy response changed now that it's admitted this was an act of terrorism?

Boehner also asks why did news agencies appear to have better access to the site of the attack and to individuals of interest than the Administration?