A Lesson from Texas: 80,000 Votes To End The Party System, with Kesha Rogers
November 13, 2012 • 1:37AM

by Alicia Cerretani

Now that the general elections have finally come to a close here in the United States, the American people were greeted with the harsh reality on the morning of November 7th, that not only are we still faced with the outstanding existential threats we faced coming into the campaign season, namely the breakout of general warfare and the looming threat of global hyperinflation, but because both U.S. Presidential candidates malignantly avoided any serious discussion of these threats, ironically, the nation as a whole, was rendered politically crippled throughout the entire general election campaign season, leaving the bulk of the work to a handful of patriots running for federal office in different parts of the country and those in unelected institutions of government.

One of those patriots is U.S. congressional candidate for the 22nd district of Texas, Kesha Rogers and her campaign team, who, despite the cap Obama and the gutless Republican party put on any serious discussion of the threats our nation faces, ran a nationally and internationally recognized campaign that successfully flew high above the partisanship that has trapped any legitimate discussion of the nation's interests into arbitrary camps of Republican vs. Democrat.

Kesha Rogers, running as a LaRouche Democrat, challenged Republican incumbent seat warmer Pete Olson for a second election in a row, again winning a third of the vote in the 22nd district. With a fraction of the money Pete Olson spent, an active campaign against Kesha by the Democratic party, and both parties running a virtual voter suppression campaign by refusing to engage their constituents with anything of relevance, 80,025 voters still came out to show their support for Kesha and her platform.

Regarding her incumbent opponent, what became clear, particularly when Congress left Washington D.C. to come back to their districts to campaign, was that not only was the plan for Pete Olson to stay as far away as possible from Kesha, but also from any public engagements! According to many of the voters whom we reached going door to door, at intersections or reaching on the phone, people weren't voting for Olson because of his profound solutions to the economic crisis the district and the nation face, or because they knew much about him at all. The majority of the people in the 22nd district voted for Pete Olson because he was a Republican and Obama is a Democrat.

However, when we delivered the dossier Kesha's campaign staff had prepared on Olson in our door to door deployments, highlighting the similarities between Olson and Obama's voting record, including Olson's support for the NDAA, Sec. 1022 of which allows Obama to permanently detain U.S. citizens, without charge or trial, on secret evidence, when secret courts deem them suspect of being affiliated with Al Qaeda, people were shocked that somebody in their own so-called 'party' could possibly be working along side Obama on such egregious violations of our civil liberties.

Our challenge became reaching enough people in enough time before the plague of party politics got the best of them. For those that we did reach, Kesha's unique platform, "Impeach Obama, Re-store Glass-Steagall and building the North American Water and Power Alliance," an evolution of the 2010, "Save NASA, Dump Obama," resonated profoundly with the people who remembered Kesha from 2010 and also those who were hearing about the campaign for the first time.

To give you a sense of the final weeks of the campaign and our intervention into what many Americans recognized as a hopeless presidential election, imagine yourself at an early morning intersection in SW Houston: it's 7:30am, the traffic is busy and nearly at its peak. As commuters approach one of the many intersections they will pass on their way to work, our latest 18' x 4' banners catches their attention. Voters have now come to count on our presence as part of their early morning commute. Our provocative and proven record throughout Houston, be it Obama's shutting down of NASA or his ongoing involvement in the cover-up of the attacks on Benghazi, has earned more and more support from commuters, grateful that we maintain a high visibility presence focusing on the real issues affecting the nation that they know no other candidate or party will discuss.

Typical of Kesha's intervention and how each of the 80,025 votes were won in the heavily Republican 22nd district, is an exchange between an irate Republican just before the election who rolled down the window of his pick up truck at an intersection, telling Kesha that her party had turned the nation into a mess, and that he was going to vote straight ticket against Obama and the democrats who he was convinced had no way of winning the election.

However, not a week after the election, while Kesha was organizing in downtown Houston, a man approached her and asked if she recognized him saying, "I'm the man who tried to pick a fight with you just before the election in Cinco Ranch. I wanted to tell you that after our exchange, I thought about what was on that banner and what you had said about the failure of the party system and the need for people to work together towards the national interest. For the first time in my life, I didn't vote straight Republican, I broke my ticket and voted for you for Congress."

This exchange, typical of what we got on a daily basis as the elections grew closer, is indicative of two things: first, the impact Kesha and the three point platform are having on population, but also, it illustrates the failure of both presidential candidates and their parties that most voters went out to vote against a candidate and believed that they could use the parties to do it.

Kesha and the other LaRouche Democrats across the country warned the American people that voting along party lines and falling into the intentional trap that the Republicans' arch-nemesis is the Democrat Party, and vice versa, is exactly what has gridlocked the U.S. Congress, rendering them completely incapable of one of their most important constitutional mandates: checking an out-of-control Executive branch. And until there are exists a grouping of patriots, who hold the interests of what is good for the nation more sacred than their party affiliation, Obama and his administration's foreign directed campaign to save the planet's monied interests, even at the risk of starting World War III, will prevail, and both parties will be equally to blame for it.

What the Kesha Rogers campaign has and continues to demonstrate is that where there is bold, creative, and unflinching leadership, during what might seem an insurmountable national crisis, the American people will respond. However, if we are going to survive as a nation, patriots from around the country are going to have to take a page from Kesha Rogers' book and stand above party, and on principle, and that soon.

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