Diane Sare: "Governor Christie and President Obama – Partners in Murder"
November 13, 2012 • 11:16AM

Diane Sare, member of the LaRouche national electoral policy committee and former candidate for US House of Representatives, issued the following statement on Nov 13, 2012, announcing the launch of her campaign for Governor of the state of New Jersey against Chris Christie:

Due to the murderous incompetence in the handling of the preparations for, and aftermath of, the recent hurricane, I have decided to announce my candidacy for Governor of the State of New Jersey, as an Independent in the November 2013 elections. My association with America's greatest economic forecaster, Lyndon LaRouche, and my participation in weekly policy discussions with him and former LaRouche candidates makes me far more qualified for this job, than anyone currently considering running from either party.

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy struck the shores of New Jersey and New York with devastating force, tens of thousands of area residents are still freezing, starving, and dying in the dark. People have lost their homes, businesses, their vehicles, and many are still in danger of losing their lives. School children are dislocated, transportation systems remain down, and thousands of apartments in high rise buildings have no electricity or running water. Even now, NO PLANS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED FOR RECONSTRUCTION! In fact, some areas, like the Rockaways have simply been written off as “incapable” of receiving electricity!

Instead of launching a crash program to rescue residents and begin clearing debris and rebuilding, on the scale done by FDR in the great hurricane of 1938, where 100,000 Works Project Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and other personnel were on location within 18 hours, Obama and Christie took a public relations tour of the devastated New Jersey Shore. Governor Christie cried tears of joy for the opportunity to talk to his idol Bruce Springsteen on President Obama’s cell phone, while people died in their homes.

Only a fool would argue that “they are doing all they can.” What is required is a full-scale, federally funded Army Corps-run mobilization, not the piecemeal efforts of a few thousand heroic utility workers, and a few thousand more Army Corps Engineers in Manhattan. But Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg and Governor Christie will all agree that making such an “expensive” effort to save lives and property is “not good business.”

The great crime is that NONE of this had to happen. Even as recently as 2009, there was a conference in New York City, entitled, “Against the Deluge: Storm Surge Barriers to Protect New York City,” at which several alternative plans were presented by experts on barriers to protect New York Harbor from potential devastation caused by surges associated with large storms.

In the cases where such barriers have been built, like New Bedford, MA, Providence, RI, and Stamford, CT, the damage from Sandy was minimal, as compared to New York and New Jersey where no such infrastructure exists. One of the projects proposed by a Dutch firm, Arcadis, was projected to cost about $7 billion, and the point was made that this might be preferable to the cost in human lives lost and property damage in the event a major surge were to occur.

In January 2011, I challenged the Governor publicly on his similarities to President Obama, (whose removal I was advocating even then), and asked whether he would join with me in getting the Glass-Steagall Act reinstated by the US Congress, in order to put a stop to hyper-inflationary bailouts, and make funding available for city and state governments instead. He scoffed at this idea and said we should not get federal funding to “bail out profligate spending by the states.” Like storm surge barriers, perhaps?

The only way out of this crisis is to do what Lyndon LaRouche has been advocating in his weekly Friday webcasts: remove Obama under Constitutional measures; reinstate the original 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, breaking up the banks and halting the bailouts; and launch a Constitutional system of Federal Credit to fund the construction of great projects like NAWAPA XXI, and other major infrastructure like storm surge barriers, modern high-speed rail systems, underground power lines, and dozens of new nuclear power plants.

The choice is yours: work with me and the rest of the LaRouche Slate to organize a national economic recovery, and make the state of New Jersey worthy of the contributions of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Hamilton, and many other great thinkers; or stick to stupid “party politics” and drop dead under the policies of Bloomberg, Christie and Obama. You decide.