Obama Takes Us Closer to Thermonuclear War: Stop Tolerating the Traitors and Build the Future!

by Nancy Spannaus

Today is a potentially fateful day on the road to World War III. According to German press reports, picked up by U.S. military-related news services, the Turkish government will actually apply to NATO for the stationing of Patriot missiles on its border with Syria. Should such a request be made and accepted, that would put NATO into the Empire's escalating drive for toppling Assad as a military force—and rapidly escalate the confrontation with Russia, which could result in thermonuclear war.

Combined with the actions of British puppet Netanyahu and the whole British-created lunatic right wing in Israel, to carry out genocide in Gaza—with Obama's blessing—the situation is alarming indeed.

Numerous sources, among them a Russian newspaper, also moot that the Gaza operation is intended as prelude to Israeli aggressive war against Iran.

At the same time that the Empire's war drive speeds up, the desperation and mass destruction being caused by the British system's rule of the world financial system over the past 40 years, is leading to a collapse much worse than that for the Soviet Union—in scope and intensity. From Superstorm Sandy, to the food crisis globally, this threat to human survival cannot be ignored.

In the United States, we are not without weapons to deal with this situation. The Benghazi crime committed by the British- Saudi-Obama axis provides the basis for removing President Obama for his high crimes and misdemeanors, as Lyndon LaRouche and Jeffrey Steinberg laid out clearly at LaRouchePAC's election eve press conference in Washington, D.C. This issue, LaRouche said yesterday, is very much alive, but is being blocked by those Democrats (among others) who insist on putting party loyalty above their duties to defend the nation and humanity. They must be called to account for abetting treason, as being carried out by the policies of Obama, and apologized for by Susan Rice.

On the other side, we have at our fingertips the inspiring programmatic solutions put together by our movement over the same 40-year period, solutions that demonstrate without a doubt, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized yesterday, that "development is the new name for peace," and can be achieved now. Ideas such as we are proposing, not the sense-perceptual decay we see around us, represent the way out of the crisis.

The other way to synthesize it, as beautifully but sharply presented by Helga Zepp-LaRouche yesterday, is this: The core of the issue is what role America will play. There are two Americas, the America of the Declaration of Independence, and republican heroes from Franklin to Kennedy, and the America of British imperial lackies like Andrew Jackson and Barack Obama. Because of the dominance of the latter today, the world is in fact ruled by the British Empire, in finance, wars, and culture. In the final analysis, the battle is still between the American and the British systems.

But the window of opportunity for winning that war is closing. During the days and weeks ahead, we need to use ideas to turn the world upside down. Clearly, civilization itself is what's at stake.

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