Not Just Glass-Steagall- We Need a Systemic Change!
November 28, 2012 • 5:36PM

The following is a statement released by Rachel Brown, member of the LaRouche Policy Committee and former congressional candidate, MA-4

Forget the fiscal cliff -it's a fraud- and forget any talk of Glass-Steagall that doesn't include a complete overhaul of the current system. All economists today have failed, and have no authority to make any economic forecasts or policy recommendations, because they are driven by the insane belief that money has value in itself, and that what looks good on paper must be true in the real universe.

This is emphatically not true; money itself is worthless! Forget talking about "your money," look at reality- your money won't buy you anything! It won't buy you a better country, it won't buy you an educated, inspired youth generation, and it definitely won't buy you a future. Besides, who's producing anything for you to consume? Look at U.S. and world food production over the last decade, and see the diminishing resources. There are virtually no productive jobs left in the country, and Obama is talking about cutting even more.

This is nothing but a program to kill people. The rate of suicide in Greece, and Tony Blair's so-called Liverpool healthcare program, copied by Obama, are indications of this genocidal intent. The hopelessness of the bailout policy, the escalation of war, and the absurd talk of "responsible" compromises, further illustrate the determination to kill. What we need is not simply a return to Glass-Steagall, we need a systemic shift! Yet those leaders who are now "for Glass-Steagall," can't even muster the passion to fight for it! Limited as they are by a stultified fear, it is exposed just how little they understand about real value, and what is now truly at stake.

What we need is not only to make the bankrupt Wall St. and Boston bankers actually go bankrupt--which Glass-Steagall would do--but we need LaRouche's entire three-point program for the economy, as one sweeping action: 1.) Glass-Steagall to cut-off the supply of Federal guarantees to ugly parasites in Wall St. and London, 2.) Massive amounts of credit, not money, that will facilitate, 3.) The construction of NAWAPA and related national projects. Without the increase of national physical production and scientific advancement as the basis for driving the nation into higher states of culture and productivity, there will be no recovery, no future, and no purpose for your having lived!

LaRouche PAC and the LaRouche Federal Policy Committee are committed to push this program through, with a full mobilization into Congress and around the country over the next two weeks, to stop the hyper-inflationary collapse, the push for de-population, and the British-Obama drive for world war. The holiday time this year, should be made meaningful not by the purchase of extravagant gifts--which no-one can afford anyway--but by the personal intent to do as much good as you can on the highest level, and the fight to save everything that this nation represents!

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