Drug-Use Spreading Under Obama
November 29, 2012 • 9:29AM

Following passage of outright legalization of marijuana use and sales in Colorado and Washington State in the recent elections, London's Dope, Inc. drug mafia is rushing full-tilt to transform Colorado, first off, into the opium den of the nation. This would then be the precedent by which, along with similar deployments in the state of Washington, the British Empire can tear down all restrictions on drug production, trade, and consumption in the U.S. as a whole -- and from there, the world.

The mafia is moving with the complicity of Obama's Department of Justice. The Obama team refused to come out against the legalization laws before the election, and nearly four weeks later, remain silent on enforcing federal law, which clearly outlaws marijuana use. According to media reports, Colorado's Governor, John Hickenlooper, has spoken with Attorney General Holder, and Washington Governor Chris Gregoire spoke with Holder's deputy before that, and they "came away with little certainty," according to press accounts.

What that means, in plain English, is that the Obama administration will continue to turn a blind eye to the spread of "legal" marihuana in various states -- a de facto green light to Britain's Dope, Inc., which did so much to elect Obama both in 2008 and in 2012.

Gov. Hickenlooper, who opposed the measure before its passage, is moving to implement it, justifying his capitulation to the drug mob on the basis that "our voters" want it. Colorado's law mandates that the state Department of Revenue must set rules for specially-licensed stores for commercial sale of marijuana by July 1, 2013, and begin issuing licenses for them Jan. 1, 2014, so Hickenlooper's office announced yesterday that it will be putting together a taskforce to draw up those regulations. Revenue Department officials will hold a hearing on proposed rules for the stores sometime in the spring.

"Drug-running is a crime against humanity," Lyndon LaRouche responded today. The policy is coming from the top from the British and the Obama administration, but any state government that goes along with drug legalization is commiting a crime, and will be held accountable.

Marijuana "businessmen" and their legal and political frontmen met recently to map out strategy, the Denver Post reported Nov. 25. Lawyers like Rob Corry and Christien Sederberg, argued the dopers should "act like a political powerhouse whose measure garnered more votes than any presidential, gubernatorial or U.S. Senate candidate has ever received in Colorado," the Post reported. Setting up marijuana-selling "Amsterdam-style private coffee shops" and large-scale cooperatives that produce marijuana by the pound were discussed. Sederberg insisted, that "we have a mandate. We need to lead, and we need to flex that muscle... We have the momentum, the spirit and the people behind us," to defeat any federal intervention.

Absent any federal opposition, legislators in Rhode Island and Maine are preparing to introduce bills modeled on those of Colorado and Washington state, with the dope lobby targetting Montana, Vermont, and Massachusetts, too. An effort is also underway in NY state, but because Governor Andrew Cuomo has the guts to oppose it, that state is not on the immediate target list. [GGS]