Why is Obama Still in Office?
December 1, 2012 • 3:14PM

A statement by Diane Sare, on behalf of LaRouche Policy Committee

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy’s devastation of New York and New Jersey, the topic of “great projects” has once again emerged in the halls of the US Congress. Congressmen and Senators are making impassioned pleas for full funding of the Army Corps of Engineers, and talking about the success of storm surge barriers in Stamford, Ct and Providence, RI, in stark contrast to the unprotected shores of New York and New Jersey. They are even going so far as to reference the work of Alexander Hamilton and DeWitt Clinton in creating the first transportation grid of our young nation, and such arguments are refreshing to hear, and of course such things should be built.

However, there is one glaring problem, (sneering, perhaps) and that is President Obama’s continued occupation of the White House. As long as Obama is President of the United States, our chance of survival is , as LaRouche put it recently, “zero.”

There is no way that Obama’s London handlers, who are mandating a total of $4 trilliion in budget cuts, would ever allow needed investment in Army Corps projects. Especially since Prince Phillip, and Obama’s science advisor John Holdren believe that the planet should only have 1 billion people on it, to begin with.

Stop defending Obama! An article in the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, aptly describes Obama as “The Hangman in the White House”, comparing Obama’s zeal to draw up weekly “kill lists” with the Nazi Euthanasia carts which would pick up those unfortunate souls deemed to have “lives not worthy of life.” You are supporting this Nazi-style behavior because Obama is a “Democrat?” Are you prepared to stick with the party line, even to the point of extinction?

Fortunately, LaRouche PAC is about to release a special report which promises to cure thinking citizens of such “Party” madness. It is by the principle author of the NAWAPA XXI report, Michael Kirsch, called “The End of the Credit System.” This paper finally reveals the true story behind the populist traitor Andrew Jackson, and his destruction of not only our nation’s Second National Bank, but his destruction of the ability of the American People to even THINK creatively, without being coerced by the wiles of the news media and expressed “popular opinion.

As long as Obama remains in the White House, we are on a trajectory toward thermonuclear war, and/or devastation through hyper-inflation and food shortages, not to mention so-called “natural” disasters. The only way he would impeached or removed under Section IV of the 25th Amendment, is if you join us in taking on the stupid and deadly Jacksonian tradition of party politics in this nation. Forget what is “popular” and what is in the news media. We will only survive if we fight for what is TRUE. The truth is that Obama must be impeached now.

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