Obama Makes Low-Ball Request for $60 Billion Aid to Sandy Storm Zone
December 9, 2012 • 9:39AM

On Dec. 7, Obama sent a proposal to Congress for a proposal of $60.4 billion in Federal aid for states hit by Superstorm Sandy, which is far below even the minimal $83 billion requested last week by New York ($42 billion) and New Jersey ($37 billion), plus Connecticut ($3.9 billion); plus what other storm-hit states need, including Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The 73-page Obama request is not by state, but by Federal category, e.g. FEMA, Army Corps of Engineers and others, all of which adds up to the continuation of telling localities to go to hell. For example, the Army Corps of Engineers would receive $5.2 billion to both rebuild damaged projects, and for new programs to mitigate future flood risks. Contrast this to the $14 billion allocated post-Katrina, to upgrade the flooding and sea-surge defense for the New Orleans—a relevant parallel in the case of the New York City/Jersey Shore and northern coasts.

Nevertheless, the most prominent state officeholders are groveling. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a joint statement, "We thank President Obama for his steadfast commitment of support and look forward to continuing our partnership in the recovery effort."