7.3 Japan Earthquake Forecast by Russia's NTs OMZ
December 14, 2012 • 12:26PM

Last week, Russia's Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTs OMZ) issued another successful earthquake forecast. Their release (in Russian) describes the forecast they issued on December 3rd, warning of a magnitude 7.2 (± 0.2) earthquake in the Japan region, on either December 7th or 14th (± 2 days). As confirmed on the USGS website, they report a 7.3 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Japan on December 7th — four days after their warning, and matching their forecast.

According to their release, this marks the fifth successful forecast of the center, which is focusing on large earthquakes in the Japan/Kamchatka Pacific region for a trial run of their earthquake forecasting program.

The initial successes of the program, as well as their forecasting methods and parameters monitored, were elaborated by representatives of the center in two presentations at the September 2012 IGMASS conference, "Space and Global Security of Humanity," held in Yevpatoria, Ukraine, as discussed in the article, IGMASS: Towards International Collaboration in the Defense of Mankind.

Image of the official earthquake forecast, registered with the Russian Seismic Council on December 3, 2012.