Syrian Rebels Demonstrate for Al Qaeda, Massacre Alawite Villagers, Burn Shi'ite Mosque — and These Are the Moderates!
December 15, 2012 • 10:08AM

Friday was supposed to be the day that the Syrian rebels demonstrated across the country for the al-Nusra Front, which the State Department listed as a terrorist group, an offshoot of "Al-Qaeda in Iraq." Indeed they did. Washington- based Arabic translator Michael Nahum reviewed the videos in the Guardian and wrote, "Haven't seen a single protest today that didn't celebrate Jabhat al-Nusrah. Six months ago we were debating if this group was even real." He reposts some of the videos on a Guardian blog and translates the slogans: Dera'a: "Jabhat al-Nusrah are our brothers ... God protect you!" Idlib: "God damn your soul, Obama!"

Well over a hundred Alawite villagers were massacred Tuesday in Aqrab, north of Hama — a massacre probably still ongoing today. The ever-lying New York Times reported it under the headline, "Members of Assad's Sect Blamed in Syria Killings." Why blame the Alawites themselves? The Times gives two reasons: first that unnamed "rights organizations" said so. Second, the Times journalists have seen a number of Internet videos, taken by the so-called Free Syrian Army rebels, in which wounded Alawites say this — LITERALLY UNDER THE GUNS OF THE FSA! The Times gives the standard excuse for their whorishness — so-called limitations on foreign journalists in Syria.

But not all journalists are so limited. Alex Thompson of Britain's Channel 4 posted a series of tweets as follows today.

"Aqrab: tonight first independent report - Alawite survivors blame Free Syrian Army for mass imprisonment and poss massacre.

"Aqrab: Escapees and officials in Hama say rebels still holding scores of people, they say many injured and possibly dead.

"Survivors interviewed independently in 3 diff places say FSA wanted kidnap of women and children for human shields.

"Survivors say rebel captors were from al-Houla and al-Rastan, had long beards, wore ski masks, spoke with unfamiliar accents.

"Aqrab still sealed off - shots were fired at us from Aqrab as we approached."

The Guardian's "Middle East Live" page also chronicles the burning and desecration of a Shi'ite mosque near Idlib in northern Syria, by a self-identified, named brigade of the Free Syrian Army. Reuters reports, "Dozens of fighters dressed in camouflage gear with Sunni-style beards are shown in the footage congratulating and kissing each other outside the burning Shia 'Husseiniya' mosque. They also burned flags they said were Shia."

Along with one of the videos made by the desecrators, the site provides a commentary by Shi'ia scholar Haydar al-Khoei, who says, "What's worrying is not just the level of desecration but they all seem to be very happy about this, and they are filming and broadcasting this ...

"If this is a Free Syrian Army battalion, God only knows what would happen if the more extreme al-Qaida elements got their hands on a sacred shrine in Damascus ..." [AP] See: 2012/dec/14/syria-conflict-russia-denies-ditching-assad-live