Obama's "Development Program" for Haiti: Luxury Hotels — While Millions Starve
December 15, 2012 • 10:29AM

Superstorm Sandy wiped out almost 90% of Haiti's agricultural crops, throwing this suffering nation into a food shortage and starvation crisis that threatens millions of lives.

Add to this the results of the Global Burden Disease Study 2010 which, as The Lancet reports, shows an apalling reverse in Haiti's life expectancy statistics over the past 22 years. In 1990, newborn males had a "healthy life expectancy" (HALE) of 44.9 and females of 46.2. But Haitian males born in 2010 have a HALE of 27.9 and females of 37.1. The study's authors attribute the drop to the catastrophic losses from the January, 2010 earthquake that killed at least 250,000 people.

Had President Barak Obama not rejected the proposal by Lyndon LaRouche and other experts to launch the emergency rebuilding of post-earthquake Haiti, using the Army Corps of Engineers to build water treatment and sanitation systems, safe housing on higher ground, and a viable agriculture sector, Haiti would not be facing these threats.

Yet according to the Dec. 12 Christian Science Monitor a "new phase in the country's post-earthquake reconstruction" was ushered in on Dec. 12. With what? The opening of the first of a string of luxury hotels that will purportedly welcome hordes of potential investors to plan how to expand the tourist sector and offer a bright future of jobs for impoverished Haitians. As the Monitor notes, post-earthquake reconstruction funds from the World Bank and the Clinton-Bush Haiti fund went directly into the building of the Royal Oasis Hotel, the first of these obscene structures to open.