Special Christmas Message from Helga Zepp-LaRouche: 'Has the Bundestag Crossed the Rubicon?'
December 16, 2012 • 9:34AM

"The escalating crisis in the Near and Middle East is leading us every day closer to a thermonuclear Third World War, while governments and parties are taking increasingly insane decisions and are apparently unable to think through the consequences of their action, just like a blindfolded sleepwalker crossing an abyss on a tightrope." That warning was issued by chairwoman of the German Civil Rights Solidarty (BueSo) party Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in a special "Christmas greeting" today.

Likewise, before the two world wars of the 20th century, all the warning signs of impending storms were there, but the masses refused to heed them.

Today, Zepp-LaRouche wrote, only the image of a sleepwalker characterizes the vote in the Bundestag to send two Patriot missile batteries to Turkey, as well as 400 Bundeswehr troops. "If it was really only a matter of threats coming from Syria, the Mantis short-range protection system would be better suited, while the deployment of Patriot anti-ballistic missile systems... is part of the forward strategy of NATO, which involves an upcoming confrontation with Iran, and as every Middle East expert worthy of the name knows, a war with Iran means a great war with Russia and China. If such a war occurs, it will thermonuclear, and will likely wipe out mankind in one and a half hours."

Zepp-LaRouche then goes through the components of the so-called Syrian opposition, largely made up of anti-Western extremists and mercenaries bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

She blasts in particular CDU MdB Andreas Schockenhoff, who, during the Bundestag debate, went so far as to say: "Since the UN Security Council remains blocked and no effective measures could be taken, there was no other way open than to provide arms to the Syrian opposition, in order to stop the Syrian regime." He thus flaunts his total disregard for international law, by proposing to arm the opposition to a sovereign state, and what's more, "he has the nerve to de facto blame the veto by Russia and China of leading to 'forces such as al-Qaeda' to become active in Syria." This shows clearly, Zepp-LaRouche says, that Schockenhoff does not represent Germany's interests.

"The issue of the Bundestag vote on the Patriot deployment was not even mentioned in the alternative main online media, although it may well have been the Rubicon for Germany's active participation in a policy, which is the short way to catastrophe. At least [former SPD Chancellor] Schröder and [current FDP Foreign Minister] Westerwelle still had the sense to refuse to take part in the wars against Iraq and Libya. Such negligence is symptomatic of the method, by which politicians and 'politically correct' media attempt to hide the fact that we are right now losing everything that has to do with the accomplishments of modern society, and sovereign republics as states which are obligated to ensure the well-being and human dignity of free individuals."

International law is then being trampled, Zepp-LaRouche shows, while triage in the tradition of Hitler's T4 murder of the ill, elderly, and disabled is imposed.

"While the masses march over the cliff like lemmings, comfortably wrapped up in mainstream popular opinion, an increasing number of thinking people realize we are in a systemic collapse. Everything depends on that 5% or at best 10% of the population turn to the solutions of the BueSo: separation of the banks, a credit system, an economic development program and a Renaissance of Classical culture!"

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche's entire article in German can be read at: http://bueso.de/node/6208. A full translation will follow soon.