Food Price Hyperinflation Set to Explode Under Production Breakdown—Crop Failures, Culling Herds—From Killer Policies
December 16, 2012 • 9:36AM

An explosion in food prices is set for 2013, from the dynamics of breakdown in agriculture production, and deliberate policies to further scarcity by the Obama Administration, in line with the London imperial crowd. A snapshot overview is seen in year-end statements from farmers and food processors. A few examples are given below.

Contrast this picture of reality, with the statements of Bernanke, Carney, Obama et al., of how a little "growth inflation" will be good for you, and you see the genocide-intent now in play in the Transatlantic quantitative easing and austerity bludgeoning.

WHEAT PRICES EXPECTED TO CLIMB 20% BY JUNE, because of drought impact from the U.S. to Russia, and absence of U.S. government action. This view was released Dec. 10 from Australia, a major source of wheat exports, from the Canberra-based Australian Bureau of Agricutlural and Resource Economics and Sciences.

BEEF PRICES will soar, above even current rising levels. For example, JBS S.A., the leader in globalized beef processing (headquartered in Brazil), issued its 2013 forecast Dec. 6. JBS CEO Wesley Batista said that he sees that world beef output could fall 6 percent in 2013 from this year; cattle prices will go up 20 percent. The US Department of Agriculture has noted that the retail price of steak in the U.S. has jumped 19% already in the last two years. (from

"2013 DAIRY OUTLOOK: IS THERE ENOUGH MILK?" is the headline this week, on an (Farm Journal) article. "Shrinking global milk supplies have the potential to drive dairy prices higher in 2013..."The big question for now is whether there's enough milk to meet the world's needs after a year of drought, soaring feed costs and shrinking milk output." The related dynamic, is the deliberate stand-aside by the Obama Administration and Congress, on acting to put price floors for dairy farmers, and price controls for consumers. In California—the biggest U.S. dairy state, hundreds of family-run big milking herd operations are shutting down, unable to continue under the financial chaos, with expenses exceeding income. This will leave a few mega-milk factories, in the Wal-Mart-style cartel league, soaring domestic prices, and more focus on production-for-world-markets.

As of September, the U.S. milk output fell, as of same time in 2011, which drop ended the increase in milk output which had prevailed non-stop for 31 months straght. In October, California milk output fell a huge 3.5% from eayr-earlier volume; Texas fell by 5%. This is a big deal; it takes years to build up a high-producing dairy herd. The drop indicates severe culling.

U.S. FARMLAND PRICES ROSE 15+% EACH YEAR, for that last three years, under the chaotic conditions now slamming agriculture, which needs reliability year-to-year, to function, not boom and bust. The price of an acre of farmland in Iowa spiked almost 24% from 2011 to 2012. An acre in a rural field can now go for $10,000, which sold for $2,500 only a few years ago. A report on this was released Dec. 11 by Iowa State University.

U.S. FERTILIZER PRICES ROSE 30% in 2011. The baseline NPK (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium) expenses for farmers jumped last year.