Nature Conservancy Hates NAWAPA and the Human Race
January 8, 2013 • 12:18PM

The attempt to bury the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) by the Nature Conservancy in the current National Geographic magazine, advertises the 65-year obsession of Nature Conservancy and the global "environmentalist" movement: Reduce the human race.

If Britain's Empress Queen Elizabeth and her Consort Prince Phillip wish for "deadly viruses" and agriculture collapses to cull the human race down to 1-2 billion, before they were on the British throne the founders of Nature Conservancy in 1947 desired the same. They were Julian Huxley, head of the British Eugenics Society; and Max Nicholson, Eugenics Society leader, Simon Population Trust founder, friend and collaborator of eugenics fanatic Fairfield Osborne, defacto leader of the Privy Council. Huxley and Nicholson, with Princes Phillip and Bernhardt, founded the World Wildlife Fund in 1961.

The Nature Conservancy in the United States was exposed in 2005, by several Washington Post articles, as a "green" scam for billionaires, multimillionaires, and banks. They provide tax-exempt funds to the Conservancy for the purchase of lands — particularly riverine and wetlands and semi-developed agricultural or grassland; the Conservancy buys the land, declares an easement against any development, making the land less valuable, and then sells it for a loss, often to one of its own trustees; the wealthy buyer gets a large tax break on the Conservancy's paper loss, and kicks the money back to the Conservancy as a tax-exempt gift.

The Nature Conservancy, meanwhile, invested in such environmental activities as oil drilling partnerships, copper mining, and operating luxury hotels.

This strategy of big wealth locking up land to prevent economic development on it, has been used by WWF and Nature Conservancy all over the world.