French Oligarchy and Le Monde Attack LaRouche's Scientific Influence at Crucial Moment
January 21, 2013 • 11:29AM

On January 17, Alexandre Moatti, a "respectable" chief engineer at les Corps des Mines who studied in prestigious schools, Louis-le-Grand, Ecole Polytechnique, and was a scientific advisor for several right-wing ministers, released a new book called Alterscience: Postures, Dogmas, Ideologies, dedicated to countering all those opposing the priesthood of "official" science, and especially Lyndon LaRouche's "technofascism" to which he dedicates a 22-page section on "Lyndon LaRouche and Technofascism," in the chapter on "Science in the Service of Ideology." Just above the subchapter on LaRouche, is "Avatars of a 'German Science' from Paris 1914 to Berlin 1936."

Le Monde, the propaganda paper of the giant French banks, ran the same day, of course, a major interview with appended articles on Moatti's book with huge attacks on LaRouche and Cheminade. It is illustrated showing a hammer smashing what is purported to depict Einstein, but is the horrible photo showing Einstein sticking his tongue out.

Those contesting what Moatti calls science, says the paper, are all scientists "refuting, sometimes in a pretty virulent fashion, its solid pillars, such as heliocentrism, Darwinism, Albert Einstein's relativity, quantum mechanics, the post-Big Bang cosmology... We're dealing with creationists, geocentrists, anti-relativity theorists, etc. The idea is not to expose why these latter are wrong, but to understand where these tendencies come from, what are their motivations and to study what ties them to one another. With one mystery: what leads scientists to tend toward being deniers and radicalism?"

Attacking all those expressing any doubt about anthropogenic climate change is a key theme for Moatti's book, including especially LaRouche ("Alterscience Is Not Humanism").

Le Monde, which had publicly refused to offer any coverage in its media to Jacques Cheminade's Presidential campaign after he was officially put on the ballot last year, writes in "Alterscientists: Polymaths Allergic to Mathematic Abstraction," "Inevitably marginalized, the alterscientists are quite receptive to conspiracy theories, undoubtedly extending from the obsession of American Lyndon LaRouche, inspirer of candidate Jacques Cheminade in the last Presidential election, to U.S. Republican candidates such as Newt Gingrich in 2012."

What else did you discover? Le Monde asks Moatti. "The virulent contesting of another scientific theory, Darwinism, in milieux that are often extreme and with analogue arguments. ... Geocentrists (they do exist!) refer to Maurice Allais to question relativity. The magazine Fusion, constitutes the bridge between the American movement of Lyndon LaRouche and France."

Of course, the book appears when Jacques Cheminade, an outspoken advocate of immediate Glass-Steagall banking separation, is considered a key reference regarding the urgent banking reform now debated by the French parliament. The message of the financial elites and their quackery priesthood to intimidate those looking at Cheminade is clearly, "Don't go there!"