Zichichi Launches Earthquake Project for Sicily
January 24, 2013 • 10:18AM

Scientist Antonino Zichichi, chairman of the International Federation of Scientists and founder of the Erice Seminars, has been appointed Minister of Culture in the new Sicilian regional government. Zichichi has announced seven major cultural-scientific projects, including a Sicily-based world earthquake network.

The most important project however, is the popularization of Archimedes, Zichichi said. Archimedes, whom the Romans killed when they occupied Syracuse, "was the greatest intellect of humanity in 10,000 years," Zichichi said, and argued that each central square in every major town in Sicily should be dedicated to Archimedes.

Answering a local environmentalist leader who accused Zichichi of being absent from Sicily and not caring about museums, Zichichi said that his opponents are victims of "a cultural Hiroshima. This modern culture of ours is in reality a pre-Socratic culture, as if science never existed."