Assassination Attempt on Libyan Defense Minister
January 24, 2013 • 12:39PM

While Hillary Clinton evaded questions and U.S. Senators and Congressmen failed to ask relevant questions during the Senate and House hearings today, the situation in Libya is spinning out of control as the result of the Obama policy of allying with Al Qaeda to overthrow Qaddafi.

On January 19, there was an attempt to assassinate Libya's Minister of Defense, Mohammed Mahmoud Al Bargati, as he was leaving the airport in Tobruk, eastern Libya. The attempt occurred after former Deputy Defense Minister Al-Seddik al-Ghaithi al-Obeidi refused to put himself under the command of the army's chief of staff. The Minister of Defense has accused him of being responsible for the attempted assassination.

On January 3, there had been an attempt against the life of the President of Libya Mahamed Magarief in the city of Sabha.

Tobruk has been identified as an area controlled by smugglers of arms across the Egyptian-Libya border. Sabda has been identified as a location in Western Libya where there are three jihadist training camps.

Al-Seddick al Obaeidi had been replaced as Deputy Defense Minister by the second-in-command of the Al-Qaeda allied Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Khalid al-Sharif.

On Jan. 20, the Tripoli Post ran an op ed proposing that all of the armed militia could be integrated into the National Guard, which is headed by Khalid al-Sharif.

On Jan. 21 another bizarre incident occurred when President Mohamed Magarief and his party were left behind in Kufra by the government plane they had been expecting to fly them back to Tripoli.