The Narco Side of British Narco-terrorism in North Africa
January 28, 2013 • 10:56AM

It was Lyndon LaRouche who first coined the expression narco-terrorism decades ago, as he explained that global terrorism and the drug trade were aspects of a single irregular warfare operation run by the British Empire as part of their new Opium War against the Nation-state. The same holds today with the case of Al Qaeda, British puppet Barack Obama's strategic allies, as we have previously documented in EIR magazine.

On Jan. 26, a lengthy expose in the London Telegraph took up part of that story, reporting on the drugs/Al Qaeda connection across northern Africa and noting that "among its most prominent beneficiaries is none other than Mokhtar Belmokhtar," the reported head of the recent Algerian gas complex attack. Belmokhtar is known as "le narco-Islamiste" on the smuggling routes in North Africa, the Telegraph reported.

The article, by Colin Freeman, is headlined: "Revealed: how Saharan caravans of cocaine help to fund Al Qaeda in terrorists' North African domain," and carries the kicker "It is thanks to the trans-Saharan cocaine trade that Islamist groups like Al Qaeda have become a power in the region." Freeman reports that the South American cocaine trade about five years ago began to develop major African trafficking routes for cocaine destined for Europe, as the North American market was becoming "saturated." The overland route includes coastal Guinea Bissau, Mali, Algeria, Morocco and Libya.

AQIM (Al Qaeda in the Maghreb), the Telegraph reports, levies taxes on drug smugglers and uses the proceeds to purchase arms, and its militants reportedly also use cocaine as a stimulant while fighting. This is precisely the modus operandi employed by Colombia's FARC as it transformed itself into the world's leading cocaine cartel.

The Telegraph article notes that, "while David Cameron has already pledged drones and Special Forces to 'find and dismantle' Al Qaeda, it may be harder to stamp out the drug trade that nurtures them." What the Telegraph fails to report, however, is that that is the case because both the drug trade and Al Qaeda—and Obama—all have the same mother, the Queen herself.