Nearly 250 Spaniards Try to Commit Suicide Every Day
January 28, 2013 • 11:11AM

"Every day, a total of 243 people in our country try to commit suicide, ingesting the most diverse drugs," according to a study presented at the National Congress of Clinical Laboratories being held in Barcelona, Spain. "In the clinical histories, one finds that the effect of the economic crisis is significant."

In its coverage of the congress, an article in UNoticias headlined "The crisis which kills," reports that "psychological pathologies are growing as a result of the anxiety of many people who are at the edge of an abyss from which nobody seems to want to save them."

Lyndon LaRouche commented that the situation in Spain is just like Greece. There is no government; they have been taken over by foreign financial interests. The youth have no prospects of jobs, and no future.