Saudi-Made Al-Nusra Terrorists Unleashed Against Secular Syrian
January 29, 2013 • 12:24PM

The New York Times on Jan. 26 reported in Syria that "masked men believed to be with Al Nusra raided the headquarters of two secular civilian grass-roots organizations setting in motion one of the most dramatic tests yet of the makeshift system of local governance that civilians and fighters have established in Saraqib, a rebel-held town."

Who are these al-Nusra masked men? According to a report by the Intelligence Online, which receives information from foreign intelligence sources, "The Saudi General Intelligence, controlled by Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, exploited its broad calls with Takfiri [atoning] movements in Iraq to help establish al-Nusra Front, a low-profile Takfiri movement." The report added, "Thanks to funding from the General Intelligence Department and support from the Saudi Intelligence in Lebanon, al-Nusra was able to swiftly arm its forces, and make the Syrian regime suffer painful blows through its expertise in Iraqi bombings." Al Nusra, under the leadership of the late terrorist al-Zarqawi, was a major killer of the Americans in Iraq.

In Syria, the Times reports, al-Nusra's targets are the secular activists. The object of the al-Nusra, a Saudi-proxy, is to stir up a sectarian Sunni-Shi'a bloodbath. That is why on Jan. 25, dozens of Syrian secularists demonstrated against the raid, carrying signs protesting the masked men and the foreign fighters in Syria. They chanted: "Oh freedom, where are you, where are you?, Terrorism is between you and me." "Oh freedom, where are you, where are you?, Prejudice is between you and me."

Similar concerns have been echoed across Syria. In the eastern suburbs of Damascus, civil activists have reported recent troubles. "I'm wondering how the rebels are accepting foreign fighters among them," said Karam, a civilian activist in one suburb, East Ghouta, using only one name for safety reasons. "Rebels always repeat, We just want to finish up this war. It makes me crazy. These people will slaughter us with knives."