Was Explosion at Fordow, Iran a Hoax Planted by a Hoaxster?
January 29, 2013 • 12:29PM

Since middle of last week, various websites were carrying news that a major explosion had taken place in the underground uranium enrichment plant at Fordow in Iran. According to the report, the explosion seriously damaged many of the centrifuges in the plant and trapped underground 240 employees who have yet to be rescued. The source of the information was Israeli.

However, no mainstream media reported it till today when the Times of London reported that an "Israeli official" had acknowledged that there had been an incident at Fordow, and that the Israeli government was still investigating the situation. The German daily Die Welt also confirmed the report on Jan. 29 from a "source in the Iranian intelligence service." The U.S. media, meanwhile, quoted an administration source who doubted the credibility of the report, and the deputy chairman of Iran's nuclear energy commission on Jan. 28 night also denied the report.

According to EIR's own investigation, the report is an obvious hoax.

Why was this hoax perpetrated and who was the hoaxster? According to Ha'aretz columnist Anshel Pfeffer, the hoaxster was one Reza Kahlili, an Iranian exile with an interesting past who is well known to many reporters covering intelligence and Iranian affairs. He published the report on the explosion, which allegedly took place on Jan. 22, the eve of the Israeli elections, on World News Daily, a veteran website with close contacts to the far-right in the United States.

Kahlili himself is a frequent speaker at events organized by right-wing organizations and those that support the right in Israel, Pfeffer said. In an interview Kahlili gave Ha'aretz two years ago, upon the publication of his book A Time To Betray, Kahlili sounded like an echo of Bibi Netanyahu on Iran. He also compared the regime in Tehran to that of the Nazis, and called upon Israel to bomb Iran's nuclear installations.