February 19th, 2013 Podcast
February 19, 2013 • 1:57PM


It's Tuesday February 19th 2013; My name is Dennis Mason. This is your daily podcast from LaRouchepac.com.

If you're thinking about strategic policy, there are three aspects to take into account: Hyperinflation, the threat of an all-out war, and what came crashing down to earth over the weekend, the threats from space. Today's broadcast is going to focus mainly on the last of these-- we've got a good round up of some of the discussion, largely from the Russian press, about what to do about this, from a recorded briefing that Matt Ogden gave last night, which I'll play for you in a moment. But here's the thing on this, think about this for a moment. Ben Deniston of the LPAC Research Team made the point in discussion the other day: any patriot should be a little embarrassed by our non-response. Here we have the nation which, under President Kennedy, went to the moon. We did not know exactly how we were going to do that. There was no proven means to accomplish the mission, The technology didn't exist. But the President called for this as a national mission, and we succeeded. And that success wasn't just for us, either: when the team made a tour around the world, the crowds were calling out that 'we did it!'-- that mankind had made a great achievement. That was the truth of it.

Now I'll refer you to the video put together by Mr. Deniston on the front page of the site on the flyby-- the SDE update-- and I'll say that this does present an opportunity for the planet as a whole. As you'll hear from Matt Ogden, any serious program for addressing threats from space is synonymous with a true and honest international collaboration.

On the other two fronts, on the war danger and on hyperinflation, I can say that neither of these will be addressed as long as Barack Obama remains in charge of the U.S. Presidency. The situation in the middle east remains exceedingly volatile, and there is no initiative from the Obama presidency to do anything other than increase that volatility. And on the hyperinflation: we've got to restore the Glass-Steagall standard immediately. Hyperinflation isn't something you wait around for, to see the tail end of its effects. It reminds me of a chart of a supercell thunderstorm: the leading edge of the storm isn't the threat-- the vicious tornado which wreaks the havoc is the last part of the storm which passes through. Hyperinflation is already underway, as a process; we can put a halt to that process before it rips apart the trans-Atlantic, and much of the world besides-- again, one of the biggest obstacles to doing that, is the active organizing against it by the Obama Presidency.

Our organizing has been pivotal in this; we've put together a brief video production-- runs about 12 minutes-- called the Movement for Glass-Steagall which you'll find on the front page of the site: take the time to review that. We put it together as a sort of handbook or resource for the national organizing, and we're serious: you get a letter into our hands, a resolution or memorial passed by your state-house, county seat, city hall, and we will hand-deliver it to the congress in D.C. All of it helps. We have to keep the torches and pitchforks squarely on target, until something breaks-- we can't predict what will break where, but we know that we can do this-- we know we have to get this done. If you have something organized, a letter or what-have-you for your congressional delegation, give a call in to our national center, or email us at [email protected] Your involvement in this national fight is necessary, effective, and patriotic as hell!

So, with that, let me play for you the clip from Matthew Ogden on the activity around asteroid defense, from a recorded briefing he gave yesterday evening:

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Tune in every day around the lunch hour-- or mid morning if you're on the west coast for this podcast. Make sure to keep up with the website, we've got a lot of work going on throughout the week-- the Policy Discussion with Mr. LaRouche has been posted on the site, so that's available for you. Join the LaRouche Political Action Committee and fight with us. We have to get Glass-Steagall through, before hyperinflation hits in full force-- we can do that, but we've got to fight like hell. Get involved! You can sign up and contribute through the website, or call into our national center at 1.800.929.7566

This is Dennis Mason. It is Tuesday February 19th 2013; We'll see you tomorrow.