February 20th, 2013 Podcast
February 20, 2013 • 1:31PM

It's Wednesday, February 20th 2013; My name is Limari Bedford and this is your podcast from larouchepac.com This podcast is available every weekday on the Itunes podcast stream: search larouchepac on itunes to find us. A new LaRouchePAC leaflet has been released today called "Glass-Steagall or Die: a Bailout was Never Possible, the Intent is Genocide." The leaflet highlights Lyndon LaRouche's remarks from his February 15th webcast where he forecast the only possible future policy direction that can result from the current bailout and quantitative easing policies. An excerpt from it reads: "The key thing that faces us internationally, which is still the leading issue throughout the planet, is the question of Glass-Steagall. We have internationally, the relevant crumb-bums have all come out and threatened people over the issue of Glass-Steagall, denying it. Now, the answer is: If Glass-Steagall were to be prevented from being instituted, the result would be the greatest hatred ever conceived against the people responsible. Because what the cancellation or the prevention of Glass-Steagall would do, would cause a general breakdown crisis of the entire Atlantic system.

He then went on to describe the wiping out of the current bailout system in order to establish a new system, in which people who are privileged will be taken care of but the greater portion of the population will have nothing. He said, “This is the greatest population- reduction scheme so far in known history. And that's what the policy of the people who oppose Glass-Steagall is — whether they themselves know it or not. But they will be held accountable for the effect of that policy. “ The leaflet also highlights the development of the triple curve model created by Lyndon LaRouche in 1996, which demonstrates the hyperinflationary character of a system in which speculative monetary profits are fueled by the self cannibalization of the physical economy. In 1996, this was a forecast. Today, this hyperinflationary collapse function is in process.

The leaflet, including the graphic models is now on the LPAC website.

There are also voices out of Europe, identifying the hyperinflationary situation. In an article in the Neue Zeucher Zeitung , titled "How Much Inflation is Coming Towards Us" By Andreas Uhlig a clear point is made that many European bureaucrats are reluctant to admit. He says: “The common view is that "printing money" to finance government deficits and stimulate the economy, sooner or later leads to inflation. Because everyone spent money as quickly as possible in order to minimize losses, if the velocity of money increases , random out of control inflation and hyperinflation will occur. “ He then goes on to say: That Europe is a huge Potemkin village.  Behind the facade Southern Europe finds itself in a death spiral, where we've seen the destruction of the industrial base in Italy, Spain and France since the introduction of the euro.

Meanwhile as this discussion on hyperinflation takes hold president Obama in the United States continues to push for the kind of ruthless austerity, that is a ready killing the population of Greece. President Obama and his Golems — the austerity due Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles — traded proposals yesterday for deep cuts in entitlement programs which keep senior citizens alive, all the while attacking "Congress" for failing to be as "smart" about austerity as these three claim to be. Simpson and Bowles at a Politico Breakfast event, released new and more vicious demands for cuts of $2.4 trillion (2014-2023) over and above the estimated $2.7 trillion in cuts/caps/tax increases already enacted since the end of 2010. Their very long release, reduced to a word, calls for cutting EVERYTHING, even including infrastructure spending, which most austerity proposals claim to be "saving" for.

And lastly Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev was interviewed in Rossiyskaya Gazeta of Feb. 20. He was asked, how realistic is it to create defenses against threats from space? Patrushev said that ” Threats from asteriods, comet danger and space garbage are a planetary matter and are the subject of constant attention from the world public and the UNO. “ He said ”We put this question on the agenda for discussion at the III International Meeting of Senior Security Representatives, in June 2012 in St. Petersburg.” He also pointed towards the potential for another Tunguska large meteorite event saying” Specialists estimate that the collision of our planet with an asteroid of several hundred meters in diameter would lead to major regional destruction, while an asteroid strike by one with a diameter of over 0.8 to 1 km would cause a global environmental catastrophe.

Become a member of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, and fight with us!  You can sign up directly from the website, or call our national center at 1.800.929.7566.   This is Limari Bedford. It is Wednesday February 20th 2013; We'll see you tomorrow.