Obama Administration Agrees: Al Qaeda Used Arms from Libyan Rebels in Algerian Terrorist Attack
February 21, 2013 • 10:32AM

Obama Administration officials do not dispute the claim by Algerian terrorist Belmokhtar, that he used weapons in the Algerian BP attack, that had originally been supplied by the Gulf States to Libyan rebels for the purpose of overthrowing Qaddafi.

During a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Mali on Feb. 14, Rep. Poe (R-Tex.) asked the two witnesses, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs Amanda J. Dory, the following:

"My understanding is that Qatar delivered weapons to Libya, probably with the green light of the United States, before Gadhafi fell. After Gadhafi met his maker, some of those weapons were sent into Algeria; Belmokhtar even said in a press statement that he used some of his money to buy those weapons. According to General Ham, his group is the richest of all the Al Qaida operatives, because they have $50 million they've gotten from kidnappings and ransoms, primarily of Europeans and tourists." Poe then asked whether the Administration understands that the weapons used by the Belmokhtar or other Al Qaida groups, were part of the arms traffic flow from Qatar to Libya and to these Al Qaida operatives.

Dory responded that "I can't specifically say what the connection would or wouldn't be. I think what we do know is, a tremendous amount of weapons trafficking in the region, much of it related to the access to weapons [in] Libya after Gadhafi's fall. They have moved in all different directions. It's very difficult to track ... the theory is clear in terms of the connection, the weapons, and other traffic moving through the region. But whether there's a direct connection back to UAE weapons, I cannot say."

Rep. Poe then asked directly: "But you wouldn't argue, would you, on Belmokhtar's statement that he bought weapons for AQIM that came through Libya ... Would you argue with that statement?"

Dory responded: "I would not argue with his statement."