Glass-Steagall Gains Momentum as American People Mobilize
February 22, 2013 • 11:16AM

In support of H.C.R. 129, The Return to Prudent Banking Act introduced into Congress on the first day of the session by Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), resolutions urging Congress to pass H.C.R. 129 have now been introduced into six state legislatures: Kentucky Senate (SCR 16); Virginia Senate (SJR 273); Rhode Island Senate (S 10), Montana House (HJR 4); Maryland House, and the Pennsylvania House. Intense organizing is underway in other states.

LaRouchePAC is currently in Washington DC delivering these resolutions to the relevant federal Senators and Representatives. We are also hand-delivering your letters to your members of Congress demanding they immediately reenact Glass-Steagall by signing on to H.R. 129 in the House and introducing a Glass-Steagall bill in the Senate.

Please contact us with your letter to your Congresspeople, a resolution passed in your city council, union local, or other organized political body!