UN Security Council To Be Presented with Call To Act Against Asteroids
February 22, 2013 • 11:41AM

The ongoing Feb. 11-22 conference in Vienna of the UN Organization for Outer Space Activities (UNOOSA) and its subcommitees, has passed a mandate to create two new expert task forces to deal with the issue of dangerous asteroids and to make recommendations how to act. Also, the UN Security Council is to be presented soon with a proposal to discuss and initiate an action plan against asteroids and other dangerous space bodies and debris.

In an exclusive interview yesterday with the UN News Center, Mazlan Othman, chairwoman of the UNOOSA, says that "because we are in a position to predict some of these encounters, and because we feel that we may have the technologies to mitigate the aftermath, we have a responsibility to try and do something. Even if we could predict and couldn't do anything but know, we may have the means to mitigate impact, so we are obligated to come together and discuss the matter. Whose decision would it be? It is a global, international decision, not of any one country."

The defense of Earth is taken up in depth in the February 20th Weekly Report.