More Warnings of the Blowout of Which LaRouche Warned on Feb. 15
February 23, 2013 • 9:15AM

Ben "Bubbles" Bernanke was forced to hear and see a presentation earlier this month, of how his policies are plunging the world into hyperinflation, or "asset bubbles." This took place at the quarterly meeting, some time earlier in February, of the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, as three sources told Bloomberg on Feb. 22. This Committee consists of fifteen of the biggest players on Wall Street. Bloomberg does not say who made the presentation, but it may well have been Pimco, which is a member. Last week, Pimco's Bill Gross warned of a "Credit Supernova," as Lyndon LaRouche referred to this in his webcast of Feb. 15.

Among the concerns raised in the presentation, were rising farmland prices and the growth of mortgage real estate investment trusts — i.e., rampant real estate speculation. Also, falling yields on junk bonds.

Bernanke brushed it all off.

Similarly, on Feb. 21, in a Reuters interview, Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher said that the Fed should cut back on its bond-buying (QE) program "sooner rather than later," and probably before the end of the year, beginning with its purchases of mortgage-backed securities. Fisher said he had thought this for some time, but "I'm not alone any more." On the stock-market drop which occurred after the minutes of the Fed's open-market committee meeting were published on Feb. 20, Fisher said, "If that is attributable to the idea that we might eventually taper, then that worries me, because that just means you've got a market that's hooked on the drug you've been providing."

"The more we do, the further into uncharted territory we sail, and how do we get out if it?" he asked.