More Coverage of Rogozin, IGMASS Proposal
February 24, 2013 • 9:32AM

The Nezavasimaya Gazeta website on Feb. 19 polemicized against a stream of unscientific views of the Chelyabinsk meteor strike and shock wave, and against unfounded attacks on political leaders, pointing to the proposals made by then Russian ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin for the International Global Monitoring Aero-Space System IGMASS (MAKSM in Russian) at the end of 2011:

"For example, Dmitry Rogozin at the end of 2011 put forward the project 'Strategic Defense of Earth.' In its framework, space monitoring around Earth should be carried out and means of countering threats from space developed. This program should be supervised by the United Nations.

"Now Dmitry Rogozin is Deputy Prime Minister and supervises defense industry complex development, Rosatom and Russian Federal Space Agency. One of his first instructions on this post, at the beginning of 2012, was the study of the possibility of creation of such a system (the project of the International Global Aerospace Monitoring System, IGMASS/MAKSM).

"An assignment was given on the development of a coordinated approach to the matter to the Russian Federal Space Agency, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of Russia. However the idea got stuck in a bureaucratic flow of documents, orders of the Deputy Prime Minister weren't executed on various pretexts. Besides, it is not clear, who will finance the project and be responsible for its results."