New LaRouchePAC Video Documents Reality: Glass-Steagall, or Genocide!
February 25, 2013 • 1:35PM

A PDF of this press release can be found here.

In a document issued today, the world's most successful economic forecaster Lyndon LaRouche made the following evaluation:

"On the surface of economic matters presently, the U.S.A., western and central Europe, and beyond, are presently gripped by the worst hyper-inflation in known world history. The first remedy to be secured, must be the obliteration of the monstrous and utterly fraudulent hyperinflation of the present financial markets of the trans-Atlantic regions. The hyperinflation must be simply annulled, thus wiping out virtually entirely the greatest mass of fraudulent financial claims ever conceived by mankind. My associate, Dennis Small, has summarized the causes and nature of that fraudulent debt."

Small documented the hyperinflationary fraud in a LaRouche PAC video entitled "Hyperinflation: A Graphic Presentation," and posted on Feb. 23. The 25 minute video features charts, often using the Federal Reserve's own figures, showing that the bailout, money-printing process being carried out by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, is creating an explosive charge which will obliterate the system, and the people subjected to it.

Then, using LaRouche's famous Triple Curve—which provided the analytic tool for understanding the current process as early as 1995—Small demonstrated how the hyperinflationary bailout bubble is leading to an increasing rate of destruction of the actual productive powers of labor, upon which the existence of an economy and its population depends. Exemplary was Small's depiction of the savaging of the labor force through unemployment, particularly in Greece and Spain, where youth unemployment has now hit 50%, and is projected to hit 60% by the end of the year.

As Small put it: "Now, stop for a second and think about what that means. What does it mean for the actual survival of a county or an economy, when close to 2/3 of your youth have been thrown on the scrap-heap? They don't have a job! Let alone a productive job, or a high-tech job. They have no future! The country is being killed, it is being destroyed. And I ask you: What is the difference, between this destruction of a country, and the concentration camps of Adolph Hitler (also inspired by the British)? There's absolutely no systematic difference between the two. This is genocide which is going on, and it is intentional genocide which is going on. And it's that policy which has to be changed. That's why LaRouche says, that the alternatives which we're actually facing today, are between a return to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Glass-Steagall principle of 1933, or, genocide."

The alternative is on the table, now. A bill to restore Glass-Steagall is in the House of Representatives, HR 129. It proceeds from the original Glass-Steagall reform initiated under FDR. As LaRouche said, it simply needs to be "augmented by the addition of a Federal credit-system used to fund a continuing upsurge of physical-economic expansion per capita and per square kilometer of territory."

"Without those measures' introduction presently, the greatest mass-death rates ever known will bring on the sudden mass-death rates, if not even the extinction of the human species. We are already, presently, on the brink of such a wave of mass-extinctions of the peoples of the nations. The corrective actions must be taken now. You have already run virtually out of time. My associate Dennis Small has already supplied the most crucial evidence needed for such an emergency action."

Watch the video "Hyperinflation: A Graphic Presentation"