Greek Opposition Leader Calls for Resistance to Austerity, As Ex-Diplomat Warns of Social Explosion
February 26, 2013 • 11:30AM

While leader of the Greek opposition party, the Independent Greeks calls on the nation to resist the bailout policies that are destroying the Greek people, a retired senior Greek diplomat warned of a bloody social explosion if the EU and Greek government do not immediately change policy.

Panos Kammenos, leader of the Independent Greeks is quoted in the Greek blog Hellas-Frappe that the Greek people "must send a message of resistance" against the austerity policies of the current government which as been "faithfully following the dictates of a foreign junta," referring to the EC-ECB-IMF Troika. He slammed the government's claim that the situation will change by 2014, charging "the truth however is that they want us to keep going like this to 2040."

The British journal, New Statesman has an interview with Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, a retired senior Greek diplomat who warned, "At a certain moment, quite soon, there will be an explosion of social unrest. It will be very unpleasant." Referring to recent fire bombings and attacks on the offices of the ruling New Democracy party, he again warned that when new, retroactive unpayable taxes come due in the coming months "There will be further increases in armed actions. There will be bloody demonstrations. These actions are condemnable, of course, but I feel that this sort of armed activity will increase as long as the government continues to impose oppressive measures against the Greek people."

He said the situation is so bad in Greece that people cannot afford to bury their dead, the morgues were filling up with bodies until the church said that it would offer free burial for some families. "We are heading down the road of destruction," he said.

As a junior diplomat in the 1970s, he helped negotiate Greece's entry into what has become the EU, Chrysanthopoulos said that "The EU that we joined in 1981 doesn't exist any more."

Chrysanthopoulos revealed that the government has hired professional security companies like Blackwater, because "The Greek government does not trust the police whose salaries have also been cut." He also revealed that the government has sought assurances from the military that it would not intervene in case of a social explosion. As for the military, they seem to be voting with their feet. The Greek daily Kathimerini reports that an average of 10 members of the armed forces are submitting their resignations every day, under the press of slashed salaries and pensions. In just the first six weeks of this year, 480 soldiers, mostly officers, have submitted their resignations, compared with 1,100 for the whole of 2012.