British Empire Killed More People than Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Hitler or Stalin
February 26, 2013 • 11:30AM

In an article that appeared in the Indian website, IntelliBriefs, which has published dozens of EIR articles over the years, a senior Indian columnist Bhaskar Menon, writing prior to the recent visit to India by the British Prime Minister David Cameron, reminded him of the role that Britain plays worldwide. Menon said: "Britain has maintained its imperial interests in the region, and indeed, globally, without benefit of the apparatus of colonialism. This has been achieved primarily by keeping control of the illicit trade in drugs, which Britain pioneered in the 18th Century by exporting Indian opium to China."

Asking Cameron to stop whitewashing Britain's criminal record, Menon said: "In Africa, Asia and the Americas no nation has been as oppressive of other races. Britain was by far the leading slave trader out of Africa and transporter of indentured labor out of Asia. It has killed with famine, sword and fire more people than Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Hitler or Stalin. In the defense of its imperial interests it has precipitated two World Wars and is now presiding over an empire of crime that drains the poorest countries of their hard-earned wealth. During the days of Empire and now, treachery has been a staple in Britain's international relations.

"In South Asia the control of the drug trade has involved the use of the ISI, Pakistan's notorious spy agency established in 1948 by a serving British Army officer, to godfather Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Together, they have kept Afghanistan as the lawless badlands necessary to produce opium; it now supplies over 90% of the world's illicit supply.

"Where Britain does not maintain operational control of drug trafficking, as in Latin America, it provides money laundering facilities. Last year American authorities slapped a $1.98 billion fine on HSBC, Britain's largest bank, after investigators discovered that it had been laundering billions of dollars of Mexican drug money into the United States. The fine made not a blip in the stock market value of HSBC shares because investors have known of its primary source of profit since traffickers established the company during Britain's 19th Century 'Opium Wars' to force the drug into China.

"The global money laundering system Britain put in place as its colonies dwindled is the core element of its new Empire. It consists of a string of tax havens around the world operating with London as a global hub. The system now caters to all sorts of criminals, ranging from super-rich tax evaders and corporate bigwigs hiding the proceeds of mis-pricing of trade to mafiosi engaged in garden variety organized crime.

"The tax haven system washes an estimated $2 trillion annually into the legitimate world economy. According to a recent report from Washington-based GlobalFinancial Integrity, an NGO headed by a former World Bank economist, it also drained about $6 trillion out of poor countries over the last decade. Adding up the estimates made by a number of experts indicates that the total of illicit assets in tax havens is some $30 trillion, double the GDP of the United States," Menon said.