Ukraine Embassy in Washington Celebrates Vernadsky's 150th Birthday
March 13, 2013 • 11:49AM

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, collaborating with 21st Century Science and Technology, held a celebration on the occasion of Russian-Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky's 150th Anniversary. A number of LaRouche associates were in attendance, including Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Ukrainian Ambassador Oleksander Motsyk, who was unfortunately enroute to Chicago, had written a statement on Vernadsky's role in Ukraine. This was followed by a video presentation by Professor of Geology, Mark McMenamin, from Mount Holyoke College, on Vernadsky's revolutionary concept of biogeochemisty and on his concept of the noosphere.

This was followed by a presentation by Benjamin Deniston on Vernadsky's concept of the increase of energy flux density in the evolution of species, which characterizes the biosphere as well as the development of the noosphere, the sphere of human creativity. Deniston noted its similarities to Lyndon LaRouche's economic concept. This was followed by a short description of Vernadsky's political views and activity by Bill Jones from the Washington EIR office.

The latest 21st Century with the Planetary Defense theme as well as pre-publication copies of the 21st Century Vernadsky Anniversary issue were available for the participants. Among those in attendance were the head of the Ukrainian Nuclear Regulatory Agency as well as a number of Ukrainian-American scientists. A reception followed a rather lively discussion.

The embassy will be putting out a press release about the event and place the presentations on its website.