Transaqua Elaborated for the First Time on Italian National Television, After 25 Years
March 28, 2013 • 1:53PM

Known futurologist and systems engineer Roberto Vacca brought the Transaqua project to Italian national TV in the "Brontolo" morning talk-show on Raitre, on March 25. The program was dedicated to the issue of water privatization, and amidst the politicians and activists who were squabbling from localist standpoints, Vacca first blasted Beppe Grillo's genocidal outlooks, and then illustrated the Transaqua concept as one solution to mankind's problems.

"Many people do not know what they are talking about, but they are popular, and this a bad omen," Vacca said. There are "groups, which I do not even name ... that forecast that there will be the Third World War in 2020 and 7 billion people will die; 1 billion will stay alive. When someone says such things, he should say what should we do to avoid that, but that is not the case."

As the camera zoomed on the original Transaqua chart which Vacca had brought, he went on: "This, what you were hinting at, is a water plan to save the Sahel, Lake Chad on the border between Chad and Nigeria. We know well that Lake Chad is dying, and this is an Italian project sketch from many years ago, which I worked on, to build a 2400-km-long canal starting from the Great Lakes region..."

Moderator: "What would this solve?"

Vacca: "It would solve many things. It would take water from the right bank tributaries of the Zaire/Congo River and would enter the Ubangi/Chari basin, producing energy and simply greening the Sahel, on one side. On the other side, it would create an East-West communication line, along a canal in Africa, that currently does not exist, and would open up 6 million hectares to cultivation."

Moderator: "But if nobody in Italy cares about this, which is very important, what do you say?...

Vacca: "As long as I am alone in talking about it, on 'Brontolo,' it will have no effect. If others also speak out about it.... But there are many issues that should be addressed: energy, communications, transport. People talk always incompetently about it."