Oregon Bach Festival Website Launches Pedagogical Presentation of St. Matthew Passion
March 31, 2013 • 1:27PM

The Oregon Bach Festival "Digital Bach Project's new St. Matthew initiative" officially launched "on March 21 (Bach's Birthday) incorporates high definition video of conductor Helmuth Rilling's complete St. Matthew lecture-concerts; poetry, artwork, photography, and scholarship; and a line-by-line animation of the libretto available in 15 languages, set to Rilling's 1999 recording."

A project of the University Oregon, the Oregon Bach Festival digitalbach.com site for the St. Matthew Passion includes:

1. Videos of German conductor Helmut Rilling's pedagogical presentation of Bach's masterpiece, which centers on how Bach, through his musical setting, intensifies the communication of the text, which is composed of multiply-connected reflections on the Passion story: 1. the Biblical text; 2. poet Picander's reflections, which, in turn, evoke reflections by the congregation; and 3. the chorales, which were, at that time, sung by the congregation. oregonbachfestival.com/digitalbach/discovery/matthew

2. A special listening page uses animation to follow the German text and English translation, and presents the notes for the chorales for St. Matthew Passion: oregonbachfestival.com/digitalbach/matthew;

The "cuepoints" page on the digitalbach.com website also presents the similar "explorations" for Bach's Goldberg Variations and his B Minor Mass oregonbachfestival.com/digitalbach/cuepoints