On the Occasion of the SDI: Thermonuclear War, or the Common Aims of Mankind: Which do you choose?
April 3, 2013 • 2:32PM

by Kesha Rogers and Rachel Brown

Mankind is now facing a complete civilizational breakdown-crisis, caused by the deliberate prohibition by the British Empire of mankind to progress. Since the death of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, when Truman capitulated to the bellicose demands of the British Empire, we have been in a single paradigm of fear. Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech, sponsored by Truman, dictated the beginning of the policy of perpetual fear of thermonuclear war, and the beginning of simultaneous "iron chains" on real cooperation and development.

President Ronald Reagan attempted a countermeasure to this policy of fear in March of 1983, when he adopted Lyndon LaRouche's proposal for a "Strategic Defense Initiative" (SDI) for peaceful defense and collaboration. However, agents of the British Empire in the U.S. and Soviet Union soon acted to destroy the proposed policy, and to carry out the Queen's agenda of population reduction. The direction of the last 30 years since this aborted policy proposal, have been characterized by the deadly, "green" environmentalist agenda, and the creation of escalating conditions for thermonuclear war.

This fixed paradigm caused by self-imposed stagnation has reached the limit, forcing a decision: to change by launching a science-driver program for growth among nations, or self-destruct. The British and Obama are in an endgame scenario, and are crazy enough to self-destruct, including by the use of thermonuclear weapons. Some representatives of such groups have the delusional belief that "tactical" use of nuclear weapons would be possible. However, as Lyndon LaRouche warned in a recent discussion, nuclear warfare is endgame warfare. "Nuclear weapons, are not aimed at people or individual targets, you saturate an area. Everything is saturated, you blow in all directions and if they are serious and they do that then the result will probably be an extinction." There is no regard for suffering, the intention in the first place, is genocide, as expressed by the Queen to the Commonwealth in 2009, for the reduction of the world's population to about 1 billion.

It's time to go beyond the childish nonsense of the usual assumptions and descriptions. lf someone is preparing for war, declares war, and goes to war, they mean war- if you continue to look the other way, civilization may soon be lost. The conflicts in Syria and Libya, the arming of increasing numbers of terrorists, and the threats to Russia and China, are no joke. The threat of thermonuclear war hangs clearly over us now, accelerating as long as Obama remains in office, and if that is carried out, everybody goes.

We must act now to change the paradigm of the last 30 years, and put in place a new one of progress. The insanity of the thermonuclear war policy has been pointed out clearly by top Russian leadership. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that the post-Libya invasion foreign policy of Britain and the United States, as administered by Tony Blair, is "unlikely to provide an orientation for policies in today's global world." That is, it will lead nowhere except destruction, as under the previous conditions of Mutual Assured Destruction, authored by the British Empire. One Russian analyst, Vladimir Kozen points out the obvious, "Quite frankly, instead of thinking how to encircle Russia with nuclear and missile defense weapons, the American side should think about how it can work together with us and other interested parties to prevent meteorites from raining down on our planet."

He is not alone. Starting in 2007, an array of Russian offers of collaboration with the United States have been proposed, in opposition to the insanity of thermonuclear war. Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev called for international cooperation at a global security conference in St. Petersburg on readiness and potential deflection of the "space threat from asteroids." Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin was the first in 2011 to officially propose the policy, known as the Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE). In 2007, President Putin in Kennebunkport began the call for joint operation with the United States of anti-missile radars and other systems in Eurasia.

The fundamental shift characterized by the SDI, and now the SDE, was, in 1983, and is still, in 2013, the only way to "outsmart" the stupid British Empire which seeks to dupe mankind. This is the situation we face today. Thermonuclear extinction waged on behalf of the British empire, or we can choose to collaborate with Russia and other countries to address the common threats, and common aims of mankind, to defend the planet, and eliminate the threat of mass extinction.