Obama's Food for Peace "Reform": End U.S. Foodstuff Shipments; Promise Money to the Hungry; Implement London's Depopulation
April 16, 2013 • 10:23AM

In the Obama FY2014 budget plan, released last week, were evil new proposals to end the longstanding Public Law 480/Food for Peace policy, to instead now conform with demands from London-centered financial interests for depopulation. U.S. farmers, merchant marine unions, and others have denounced the proposals.

In short, the Obama plan would cancel the current system under which actual U.S.-produced physical commodities (bulgur, corn, soy products, beans, oils, milk powder, etc.) are mustered for foreign relief, by purchase through the Agriculture Department (USDA); and would cancel the requirement that U.S. relief cargo must be shipped on U.S.-flagged vessels. Instead, U.S. food relief funding is to be transferred out of the USDA, and over to the State Department U.S. Agency for International Development, which is to henceforth promise money—not physical product—to food-needy nations.

The BS rationalization for this, is that the money can be spent faster and better, to acquire food on "local and regional" markets. This has been the propaganda by the Bill Gates crowd for several years, asserting that it will help the "smallholder" farmer in poor, struggling nations. Meantime, they say, end the gravy train for the "fat cat farmers and shippers" in the U.S.

The Obama plan also claims it will "save" $500 million from the current USDA system (over the next 10 years), by having the USAID give out money, not U.S.-produced food.

In reality, this new Obama proposal—predictably called a "reform" by advocates—is a decree for hunger and starvation for millions, and a hit at U.S. physical production. One-seventh of the world's people suffer a lack of food. Obama's proposals come at a time when world food production itself is falling, and so is food aid.

In 1993, for example, 17.4 million tons of food relief (of all kinds) was distributed worldwide, according to the World Food Program. In 2007, under the Bush Administration, this had fallen to barely 6 million tons! In 2011, under Obama, this was down below 4 million tons! (See www.wfp.org, for tonnage of food aid deliveries).

At the same time, farmers in the U.S. and other farmbelts are in a do-or-die battle to try to keep on producing food. They are being ruined by WTO globalization policies, and the general collapse blow-out.

- Farmers, Merchant Marine Protests -

"The budget's $500 million cut to the Food for Peace program is alarming. The agriculture community has always been, and continues to be, the leading proponent of food aid to protect the hungry in times of crisis and advance the United States' humanitarian efforts," said the National Farmers Union Vice President for Government Relations Chandler Goule, on April 10.

USA Maritime, the association of merchant marine unions, likewise denounced the Obama plan. "The Administration's proposals ... will be harmful to our U.S. merchant marine, harmful to our national defense sealift capability, harmful to our farmers and millers and bad for our economy," said James I. Henry, Chairman of USA Maritime. "Food for Peace is a point of pride for the 44,000 American farmers, shippers, processors, longshoremen, and merchant mariners whose jobs depend upon the program...."

In 1954, President Eisenhower signed into effect Public Law 480, the "Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act." In 1961, President Kennedy re-named PL 480 as the "Food for Peace" Act. Their intent was to have security for the U.S. food supply and farming, and also, the physical wherewithal to meet emergency needs anywhere, while supporting agriculture in other nations.

As of the 1970s, with the advent of casino economics, and also the Kissingerian (1974) "food-as-a-weapon" policies, the use of the Food for Peace mechanisms came to be corrupted. Cargill, Bunge, ADM and a few others, got most of the aid contracts; plus, U.S.-produced food was routinely used to harm weak nations, wherever it benefitted London's imperial goals.

Now, the Obama-Bill Gates crowd says: We'll reform this bad system. We'll kill people.