California's Quentin Kopp: Build California Bullet Train with Glass-Steagall!
April 19, 2013 • 9:39AM

Quentin Kopp, former San Francisco Supervisor, State Senator, and Superior Court Judge, granted an interview to Patt Morrison published by the Los Angeles Times on April 17, on the long-proposed California Bullet Train, which Kopp passionately advocated. Titled, "Quentin Kopp, no longer aboard this bullet train," the long interview contains the following exchanges:

PM: Do you think California still needs a bullet train?

QK: Yes. It will attract riders otherwise circumscribed by vehicular congestion ... high-speed fares can and will beat airplane fares...

PM: What's wrong with the current iteration of the plan? How did it go off the rails?

QK: The cunning progenitors of this plan have expropriated bond money to improve commuter rail. [But] high high-speed rail can only operate on dedicated track, separated not shared. [Legislators] don't have the guts to stand up and say to their constituents, 'We're one state and the voters in this one state agreed to it...'

PM: You were the state Senate's only Independent in a century.

QK: I'm fiscally responsible and conservative, but I'm no friend of Wall Street. I abhor it. My creed is, bring back Glass-Steagall regulations and you'll take care of those banks."