LaRouche: Today's BAE Scandal, and the Force Behind 9/11
July 6, 2007 • 9:29PM

Discussing the exploding British mega-scandal around the huge BAE Systems arms firm, at his June 21 Washington webcast, U.S. statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche touched on the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Speaking of the current war and economic crisis, LaRouche said that BAE "is not the cause of the problem, it is a symptom of the problem: Is that more and more, under a system which was established, a change in the system established with the election of a non-person as a President, George W. Bush, Jr., under his chimpanzee keeper, the Vice President, that the world was being run, more and more, by what is behind the BAE. The BAE is actually better known as the British Empire. Some people call it the 'Brutish Empire.'

"Now, not all the people in England are guilty of this. Many of them, even who are Brits, or who believe in the imperial system, or the British Empire or whatever, think that what is being done now by BAE is insane. They think that other things are insane: They know that the idea of a global warming swindle is a hoax—they know that. They know it's totally unscientific, and could not be sold to a society in which science was still known as a subject for most people of that generation. And therefore, not because they are anti-British, but because they know that the system which is being run by the Blair government and its associates in the British system—being run by Blair's friend Cheney, and others—that this system is clinically insane. And therefore, they object to it. And they raised objections to it, which are registered in places like the London Guardian—called Guardian Unlimited these days—and the British BBC, and other locations.

"There was virtual silence on the subject of this, at least to its substance, inside the United States itself. It was only in the past three days, that there has been any appearance in the major English-speaking American press, of anything—even hinting at what has been the ongoing reality of this Bush Administration, since before the President was sworn in, in 2001. The world has been living under a system, which is the 9/11 system, which already existed, as I warned at the beginning of 2001, before President George W. Bush was inaugurated for the first time in January of 2001. Where I said: The world system has reached the point, that an onrushing collapse of the system is now in process. We can not determine exactly when or how this will occur, but we know the following two things:

"Number 1, we know that this President and this Presidency can not deal with this crisis. Therefore, we must expect that the entire world will be subjected to the kind of thing we experienced in February of 1933, when Hermann Goering, the man behind the throne, the sort of Dick Cheney of the Hitler administration, orchestrated the burning of the Reichstag as a terrorist event. And this terrorist event was used on that night, or the following day, to install Hitler with dictatorial powers, which Hitler never lost, until the day he died!

"And I said then: The danger is that something like this will occur, under present trends in the United States, and it did occur: And it was called 9/11.

"Now, without going into the details of what we know and what we don't know about how 9/11 was orchestrated, we know that the only means by which this kind of thing is orchestrated, is found in one location: in a financial complex which is centered in the identity of the BAE.

"Now, that's the mystery of 9/11. How it was done, the mechanics, that's irrelevant. We'll find out. And everybody in and around government who understands these matters, knows that!

"And that's where the heat is, here."