Philippines "Save the Nation" Movement Calls for Glass Steagall, to "Save the US and the world"
May 10, 2013 • 9:51AM

The following declaration was delivered to the U.S. today from Butch Valdes of the Philippine LaRouche Society, founder of the "Save the Nation" Movement, on behalf of that Movement:

We the founding members of the Save The Nation Movement in the Philippines, together with all the members of affiliated organizations, do hereby associate with the International Glass-Steagall Movement, to Save the World.

* Recognizing that most, if not all nations now are experiencing various levels of turmoil and unrest, principally due to a rapidly disintegrating world financial system;

* that such unrest and economic destabilization are fertile conditions being exploited by oligarchic interests to foment global war and depopulation;

* acknowledging that the United States of America, a leader nation, founded on universal principles which uphold the dignity of Man, and sovereign nation-states, is the only nation which has the capability to lead all other countries in defending present civilization against self-destruction;

* acknowledging further, that the establishment of the principles by which the Glass-Steagall law was enacted, as it should be re-enacted, will be the first and necessary step to be undertaken if populations are to prevent famine, disease and global thermonuclear war;

It is in this regard that we call on the leadership of the US, in government, in business and the academe, in a true revolutionary spirit, to save your Nation, and all other nations in the process: Destroy the financial oligarchic system, re-establish the Glass-Steagall Act.


Antonio "Butch" Valdes, Phil. LaRouche Society,

founder, Save the Nation Movement