Member of Italian Parliament Caparini Letter of Support to Representatives Kaptur and Jones
May 11, 2013 • 10:13AM

The following message was sent to Marcy Kaptur and Walter Jones by Italian member of Parliament Deputy Davide Caparini, who last March re-introduced a bill for banking separation on behalf of the Lega Nord. Caparini had attended a conference of the Lega Nord in Brescia last February, which was addressed by also Movisol Chairwoman Liliana Gorini, who spoke on the LaRouche Political Action Committee's campaign to have Glass-Steagall adopted.

To the kind attention of Walter Jones

From Davide Caparini, member of the Italian Parliament

I would like to congratulate you on your bill H.R. 129 to reinstate Glass-Steagall in the United States. We in the Italian Parliament have been closely following the debate about banking separation in the U.S., since the future of our nation and of Europe depends on it as well. With the Monte dei Paschi and Deutsche Bank scandals, both of which are under investigation for heavy losses in derivatives, without a Glass-Steagall reform, it will be impossible to promote any growth in Europe. That is why the Lega Nord introduced a bill similar to yours in March, a bill for banking separation and productive credit, which we hope will soon be discussed in our Parliament. But it is also clear to us, that the key to such a reform of the banking and credit system is the role of the United States, and the rapid approval of your H.R. 129 Bill.

Trusting that your bill will be soon approved by Congress, and also introduced in the U.S. Senate, we shall keep you informed of the progress of our own legislative proposal in Italy.

Best regards,

Hon. Davide Carlo Caparini

Member of the Italian Parliament

Rome, Italy