Author/Actor Richard Belzer Endorses Restoration of Glass-Steagall, HR 129
May 11, 2013 • 4:19PM

On Monday, May 6, best-selling author and widely-known television actor Richard Belzer of New York City added his name in support of the Glass Steagall bill, HR 129. Mr. Belzer is a well-known author, who was in Washington DC at the National Press Club releasing his latest book on the JFK murder conspiracy Hit List. This book investigates the mysterious deaths of eighteen key witnesses in the JFK assassination, as central to the “cover up” of the assassination. The main reason for Kennedy’s killing was his refusal to go into Vietnam, according Belzer. Belzer spoke to a packed house at the National Press Club in DC on Monday evening and was covered widely in other press. He added his name to the Glass-Steagall bill before the event. Belzer is also a celebrated television actor in the long-running series "Law and Order", and previously starred in "Homicide", "Life in the City" and other television shows.