Al Nusra Caught with Sarin Gas in Turkey
June 1, 2013 • 9:05AM

It is now confirmed that it is the Syrian opposition that is using poison gas. According to the Turkish daily, Today's Zaman and other Turkish media, seven members of the al-Qaeda-linked terror group al-Nusra were detained on May 29 after police found 2 kilograms of sarin gas, which was being prepared to be used in a bomb attack. The 12 suspects were arrested following a search of their houses in southern provinces of Adana and Mersin May 27. They were said to have been planning an attack in Adana on May 31. Police also discovered hand guns, grenades, and ammunition.

Adana is of special importance to Obama and the Anglo-Saudi war against Syria — it is where the CIA has been "vetting" the Syrian opposition and rebel military fighters to select who would get weapons. It was in Adana, according to former CIA station chief Robert Grenier, writing in Al Jazeera in August 2012, that the CIA interfaced with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the financiers of the Wahhabist killers, al-Nusra.

Now, three-quarters of a billion dollars later ($510 million for humanitarian aid and $250 million to the Syrian opposition and FSA's Supreme Military Council, according to Freedom House), Washington's illegitimate child, Al Nusra, is caught with sarin gas in Adana, locus of the "vetting" process. Washington intelligence sources claim that the U.S. is desperately trying to clean up the Syrian opposition by getting rid of al Nusra, but the Anglo-Saudis and Qatar have no intention of doing that — especially Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the al Yamamah architect who now heads Saudi intelligence.

Inside Turkey, there is evidence of a major political battle. On May 29 Hurriyet Daily News reported on a real cat fight in the press between Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan and the leader of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), Kemal Kiliçdaroglu. Erdogan tried to link the CHP to the May 11 car bombs that killed 52 people in Reyhanli, while Kilicdaroglu made some significant accusations that Turkish intelligence, MIT, had warned of an attack on May 9, but apparently nothing was done.

"When was the last time that MIT warned the officials?" he asked Prime Minister Erdogan. "Should I give the date? May 9, 2013. I am saying the date as well. I am asking you questions you cannot overcome. When I tell you 'You are the murderer of those 52 people,' there are things I know."

The official line of the Turkish government was that Syria was behind the bombings.

"The intelligence organization works to determine the vehicles, it has tracked them since April, it announces it to the concerned authorities; and they [the government] are waiting. An explosion happens, 52 people lose their lives. Who is responsible: the CHP," Kiliçdaroglu said bitterly.

"MIT is not tied to any ministry. It is directly tied to you [Erdogan]. It is giving you information. Now you get up, 'There is a lack of coordination among intelligence organizations,'" he said, adding that he knew that the intelligence organizations had given the last warning by phone. Kiliçdaroglu argued that the intelligence organization had done its part, yet the government failed to perform its duty.

Linking this to Ankara's Syria policy, Kiliçdaroglu said, "They are sending these militants to Syria, saying, 'Go kill your brothers.' They are handing them arms and putting money in their pockets. I wonder, how did those vehicles come to Turkey from Syria?" Kiliçdaroglu asked, arguing that the government had removed the security cameras at the Syrian border crossings, to hide the fact that Syrian opposition fighters and weapons were crossing back and forth. "How come there are no security cameras? Because they are training the militants of the terrorist organization."