Fascism in the United States
June 24, 2013 • 10:27AM

By Jeff Steinberg

In his Friday night webcast, Lyndon LaRouche highlighted the strategic shift, centered on the accelerating disintegration of the global imperial financial system and the growing mass support for Glass- Steagall. We are now in a position to win, and a victory for the LaRouche-led campaign for Glass-Steagall is a victory for all of humanity.

Lyndon LaRouche, June 21, 2013

There are signs everywhere of the growing desperation of the Empire. There is panic over the fact that the trans-Atlantic quantitative easing policy of hyperinflation combined with genocidal austerity has reached a break point. While the IMF and such Fed officials as St. Louis Fed President Bullard are crying for more QE, the BIS, at its annual meeting on Sunday, came out on the other side, saying that the effectiveness of the money printing has reached an end point. What is clear, and was made loud and clear in the 16-page JP Morgan report, originating in its London office in late May, is that the policy of the Anglo-Dutch-Wall Street oligarchy is to go for jackboot fascism. JP Morgan reported that Europe must go full steam ahead with monetary and political union, more QE, more killer austerity, and more bail-ins. The report targeted Germany and Italy as two problem cases, where the continuing defense of national sovereignty and adherence to postwar anti-fascist constitutions is a problem and the resistance must be crushed. In discussions on Sunday, Lyndon LaRouche added Switzerland to the list of European countries pushing back against the drive for hardcore fascism. One of the continuous voices for Glass-Steagall in the UK, Liam Halligan, had another column in the Sunday Telegraph, repeating that no solution to the financial and economic disintegration is possible without a full Glass-Steagall bank separation.

Stop World War III

In the U.S., several of the Members of Congress who have broken with Obama and the Bush-Obama drive for Big Brother police state fascism in the United States, were prominent on the Sunday TV interview circuit. In an MSNBC interview rebroadcast on PJ Media, Senators Mike Lee and Tom Udall declared that President Obama does not have the authority to even arm the Syrian rebels without first coming to Congress. In other words, President Obama's actions already represent impeachable crimes. As LaRouche emphasized, these crimes by Obama go back to the Libya war. Senator Rand Paul appeared on other interview shows on Sunday and defended whistleblower Edward Snowden, noting that he told the truth about the illegal NSA spying, while DNI General James Clapper lied before Congress.

The Bush Family, Enemies of the United States

The growing mountain of evidence about the illegal spying and blackmail program of the FBI, the NSA, and other Executive Branch police and intelligence agencies is painting a very clear picture. Just as Lyndon LaRouche warned in January 2001, the intent of the Bush Administration was to impose dictatorship on the United States, using a Reichstag Fire pretext.

King Abdullah with George H.W. Bush and Dick Cheney, 2005

As is now well-documented, within weeks of the 9/11 attacks, the Bush Administration launched massive surveillance operations on the entire American population. It was all done illegally and in classic corporatist fashion. The big telecom cartels—Verizon, Microsoft, ATT, etc.—all "volunteered" to turn over all data to the NSA under the guise of the Global War on Terrorism. When whistleblowers alerted the New York Times in 2004 to the illegal domestic spying, the same corporate partners of the NSA simply demanded a court order, giving them cover for continuing to work with the NSA on the mass spying program. When Obama came into office, he not only continued the program. He boosted the funding and signed off on a series of executive orders and decision directives expanding the program.

The whole post-9/11 operation of the G.W. Bush Administration was classic Bush British fascism. It is in the context of the new whistleblower revelations about the illegal domestic spying and blackmail that the nature of the Bush dynasty as hardcore fascists is of immediate relevance now. Obama is a first-generation flunky of the British Crown, who was chosen to be president because of his narcissism and his slavish subservience to the Empire. The Bush family is a part of the Empire, and has been so for generations. Prescott Bush, along with the Harrimans, was a proponent of eugenics and Nazism, as demonstrated by the role of their Union Bank in bailing out Hitler and the Nazis when they were on the verge of collapse before the 1933 elections and the Reichstag Fire. Without Prescott Bush and that whole British crowd, Hitler would have never made it.

Prescott Bush with General Hodes

In the 1970s, George H.W. Bush was the leading proponent of Malthusian population reduction in the U.S. Congress. He was involved behind the scenes in the drafting of National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) which set country-by-country targets for population reduction. Bush went berserk against President Reagan and LaRouche over the March 23, 1983 SDI, and the moment he got into the White House, he demanded that LaRouche be thrown in jail with no prospect of release.

Three generations of the Bush family fascism. That is the legacy, and that is a crucial factor behind why the world is on the verge of disintegration and possible thermonuclear extinction.

George H.W. Bush visiting U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, 1990.

Obama is following in the footsteps of the Bush family. His claims that the "proof" of Syrian government use of chemical weapons means his "red line" has been crossed, is no different than the WMD lies told by Bush and company to justify the criminal invasion of Iraq in March 2003. The head of the special UN commission investigating the chemical weapons allegations gave a press conference this weekend, making it clear that there is no definitive evidence that the Syrian government used CW. In fact, he made clear that it is not possible to reach that conclusion because of the weakness of the evidence, problems with chain of custody of the alleged forensic evidence, and other factors. So the whole Obama "red line" is a big lie, just like the Bush big lie about Iraq. Despite this exposure of the fraud, the Friends of Syria met in Doha, Qatar over the weekend and announced "secret plans" to arm the Syrian rebels. One not-so-secret dimension of the plan is that 1,000 American troops will be posted indefinitely in Jordan near the Syrian border, along with Patriot missiles and F-16 fighter jets.

The Patriot's Role

The world is on the very edge of an historic breakthrough against the Empire, and at the same time is on the very edge of a potential war of extinction. Our limited forces are the decisive leadership factor that will determine the outcome of this struggle. We must not miss a beat. This coming week is crucial, with Congress in session as of Tuesday, with the Obama impeachment issues, Glass-Steagall, and beating back the drive for superpower confrontation ostensibly over Syria, all on the table.