LaRouche Movement, South Africa: Would You Give an Honorary Degree to Hitler?
July 6, 2013 • 7:53PM

Would You Give an Honorary Degree to Hitler?
June 29, 2013

That is the question you should be asking yourselves and those responsible for the moral atrocity of giving a degree to Barack Obama, today tomorrow, or ever. In reality, the man advertised as the first African-American President of the United States, is a slave to the current masters of the global monetarist order, the British Empire and the Bitch Empress, who is the center of this oligarchy. The British royal family—led by the Queen’s consort, His Royal Virus, Prince Philip—has made explicit its decision that, to preserve its power, 6 billion of the world’s people must be eliminated, a genocide that would make Hitler blush with envy. And among the first on the list of “useless eaters” to be eliminated, are the populations of Africa, including South Africa. This is to be accomplished through the ancient means of all empires and imperial policy—through famine and starvation, through disease, including through the spread of new pandemics even more deadly than AIDS, and through wars of all kinds, from tribal warfare, to religious wars, to wars of conquest, to a likely coming thermonuclear confrontation.

Those who know how such things are done through fraud and manipulation of public opinion, know that Obama was put in power by the same Anglo-Dutch centered oligarchy that once installed Hitler as their puppet with a mission to turn back the clock of civilisation in a horrific genocide. It is no coincidence that Obama came to power at a time of financial chaos and collapse, similar to the period that marked Hitler’s installation. Obama was put in power for the same purpose, only this time the planned genocide is much larger than that demanded of Hitler. As the bodies pile up around the world, it is the interest of the British Empire and its financial elite that is served. Obama, like Hitler, is a gauleiter or underling, who implements policies demanded by a corrupt and dying British financial empire.

The mistake that many people will make—including some well meaning people—is to assign too much importance to Obama himself. Rather, look behind him to his controllers and see the punk who has been put in place to bully others into submission. That he is black has bought him a pass from many, who wrongly see him as in the tradition of a Martin Luther King or a Nelson Mandela. In fact, disgustingly, he comes here to associate himself with Madiba, hoping to restore his collapsing legitimacy. He deserves none, for he is not a legitimate leader in the service of the good, or of real human rights.

Instead see Obama for what he is: a failed, evil personality, thrust into a position where he has made himself a virtual dictator—against the wishes of the American people, even of a majority of those who were twice duped into voting for him—overseeing an unconstitutional police state, that carries out massive illegal spying on its citizens and others, and who murders its citizens by executive decree, denying them their rights, including their right to live, who makes war against sovereign nations without the approval of the American Congress or the American people, and who bails out corrupt speculators, while implementing programmes of savage austerity at home and demanding their implementation elsewhere.

The United States was founded on principles that run contrary to everything that the fascist thug Obama stands for. No wonder then, that there is a growing movement among Americans that is now demanding that Congress impeach him and remove him from office before he destroys that United States. Obama comes to South Africa to seek honour, while he is among those who have dishonoured the great nation which he purports to lead. So look at the image of Obama on the other side of this leaflet, the image that the movement led by the great statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche has made famous in the United States. In it, see the real Obama and understand that his targets include you and your family. He may not send his drones, but he is already sending the cabal of bankers led by the Federal Reserve Bank to dictate how we should manage our affairs. Obama told the American people—when he first ran for the high office that he disgraces—that he was different from the evil drunk George Bush and his administration of fools and war makers. He promised change and he delivered change—he has made things worse, and he is worse than Bush. We must not honour and reward evil. We should send Obama back to where he came from—back to the Queen of England. The American people would thank us for this.