Putin Honors Father of "Weapons Based On New Physical Principles"
July 26, 2013 • 10:45AM

Days after conclusion of the biggest war-preparation exercises in post-Soviet Russian history, held in the Far East (see EIR, July 26), Russian President Vladimir Putin today met with General of the Army Makhmut Gareyev, to honor him on his 90th birthday. Gareyev was deputy chief of the Armed Forces General Staff in the 1980s, under Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov, and is known as the author of several components of the war-readiness program called "the Ogarkov Plan.

Noting that Gareyev at the age of 19 had been a soldier in the liberation of Byelorussia (Belarus) and Poland from the Nazis, Putin thanked Gareyev for keeping alive the memory and study of World War II, and "for all that you have done, which is a lot, for our country and the development of its Armed Forces." Gareyev is still active as head of the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS). Last winter he hosted then-new Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu and Chief of the General Staff Gen. Vitali Gerasimov, at a conference on how to recoup the damage to the Russian Armed Forces, sustained under years of liberal reform. On that occasion, he emphasized officer training, which is one of his specialties, and "the priority development of our strategic nuclear forces and the space defense system, as the decisive factor in strategic deterrence of the main threats today."

Gareyev is famous as an innovator in combined-arms tactics and for his emphasis on "weapons based on new physical principles." In 1990, he made waves with a book on the prospect of such "conventional" weapons rising to the same strategic level as nuclear weapons. Gareyev and his AMS have had major input into all official revisions of Russian military doctrine in the post-Soviet period.